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Children's Conference

We’re growing a new generation of organic farmers and nature enthusiasts. Age-appropriate, hands-on workshops are available for children 5-12. Children have an opportunity to interact with food, animals, art and more.

Childcare is available for children 2-4.


Friday 2-3:30

Seed Bombs & Lip Balm Children 9-12

In this workshop we will discuss the importance of disappearing honeybees. Participants will create homemade wildflower seed bombs (plantable balls of seed and biodegradable materials) to provide food for honeybees. Second, participants will melt organic beeswax and form homemade lip balm.

Jess Downing, MA Middle School Science Teacher & Nature Enthusiast

Building Fairy Houses Children 5-12

Join us to play in the land of Fairy. We will read books about the Fairies, talk about what home and shelter provide for us, build Fairy houses out of found natural materials, draw pictures of the houses, and present our Fairy homes to the group.

Pamela Kimball, Works with energy healing and creating sustainable communities/buildings.

Patchwork Pillows Children 9-12

Come learn a traditional art form that allows you to recycle your old clothing. We’ll be sewing pieces of fabric together by hand to create our own small patchwork pillows to take home.

Rachel Asarnow, Organic gardener, artist and teacher.


Friday 4-5:30

Talk to a Tree, Listen to a Rock Children 5-12 

"If you could communicate with nature, what would you say? What would you ask a tree? Hear from a rock? Feel from grass? What message would nature have for you? We'll explore our connection and communication with nature through asking, listening, feeling, sensing, drawing, and movement. We'll read a nature story and share our explorations."

Marie Patrice Masse, Teacher, healer, organic gardener, nature lover, The Seed Snatcher on FaceBook.

Bottle Composting Children 5-12

Learn about worm composting and make a 2L model complete with red wigglers to bring home.

Rocco MacLachlan, Self-proclaimed tinkerer and collector of "stuff.

Jeremy MacLachlan, Rocco's helper and side-kick.

Time for Art! Children 5-12

This workshop is for kids who enjoy tinkering and making things! There will be several projects to try: making rope and pom-poms, Mexican yarn painting, weaving with paper and yarn, and making bookmarks. We'll also try Navaho sand painting and leaf print stamping.

Pamella Saffer, Visual artist, arts educator and director of urban teaching garden.  


Saturday 8-9:30

What's the buzz? Children 5-12

Investigate life of the honeybee and importance to farms. Learn about products of hive, taste honey and work with beeswax.

Mel Gadd, Beekeeper at Drumlin Farm & Wildlife Sanctuary.

Playing Fowl: Caring for Our Chicken Friends Children 5-12

Come explore the world of naturally raised chickens for eggs and meat! We will use hands-on learning tools and discuss our experiences with these amusing and industrious creatures!

Claudia Lewis, Retired elementary librarian from Brooklyn

Kristy Delfausse, Avid gardener; likes farm animals

Lets Make Our Own Goat Cheese and Gnocci Children 5-12

We will learn some of the basics of cheese making. Together, we will make a fresh goat ricotta cheese. Then we will create and cook gluten-free ricotta gnocchi served with garden tomato sauce.

Lee Silverberg and Diana Phillips and their family own a small homestead raising goats, chickens, and vegetables.  


Saturday 10-11:30

Dispelling Myths of the Acorn: From Tree to Table Children 9-12

Ever think to yourself, "I wish I could eat all those acorns littered on the ground?" Learn about North America's most under-utilized wild food, how and when to harvest, and how to process the acorn. This workshop will be a combination of introductory lecture and hands-on: We will utilize ancestral and modern methods to process acorns.

Tim Ryan, Arborist, Educator, Acorn Aficionado, Graduate of Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

Danielle McDonald, Passionate forager and urban homesteader working in perennial maintenance.

Straw into Gold - Create a Straw Weaving Children 8-12 and 5-8 with an adult

Straw was one of the original natural fibers. Besides, straw hats, decorative pieces have been woven for centuries for house blessings, courting favors, and fall harvest festivals. Learn the basics of weaving with straw and the diverse uses it can have; weave a piece to take home; and, hopefully, the ability to create more.

Kathy Morris, Straw Weaver, Homesteader,Librarian

Children and Goats ~ Human and Caprine Come Learn About Goats Children 5-12

Kids with Kids - We will bring goat "kids" to meet the children and show them how to care for, approach, feed and groom goats. Each child will have a turn grooming, feeding and walking with the goats.

Alisande Cunningham Sweeney has been homesteading for many years and delights in teaching goat keeping and permaculture farming.

Liana Sweeney has lived on two organic farms growing up and has extensive gardening and goat keeping experience.


Saturday 1-2:30

Kidpreneurs-Make, Market and Sell a Natural Drink Children 5-12

Together we will plan and execute the making and selling of a natural beverage. We will learn about the basics of marketing, persuasive speaking, and closing a deal. We will make posters and create a sales table during the workshop session.

Diana Phillips and Lee Silverberg and their family own a small homestead filled with goats chickens and large gardens.

Outdoor Games Children 7-12

We will play Sheep Tag and other tag Games, such as Pony Pony Cross My Pasture and Bat and Moth.

Hazel Edwards, Studies Environmental Science/Policy and Sustainable Food and works at Drumlin Farm Day Camp

Silly Ducks! Children 5-12

Learn about raising ducks by reading books, singing duck songs and getting to hold and pet them. I will bring a rare breed called Ancona.

Cheri Robartes, Music teacher, homesteader.


Saturday 3-4:30

Parade Prep and Parade Children 5-12

We will make preparations for a festive parade. We will adorn ourselves, create music, posters and more.We will use willow to make crowns and costumes for the parade. We may also learn basic willow weaving techniques.Parade kick off will be a 4:10 leaving from the Children's Conference. Parents arrive at 4:00 to sign children out before the parade begins. Melinda McCreven, Horticultural Arts therapist and a willow grower.

Children’s Conference Teachers  


Sunday  8-9:30

Beads From Trees Children 5-12

Discover the craft of making beautiful Beads From Trees. First, learn how to choose the right twigs from a variety of common woody plants. Then, figure out how three-color beads can be made without adding color. String the beads with other wild plant materials to create wearable art or mobiles to take home, along with the skill.

Judy Isacoff, Environmental educator, nature writer / columnist and landscaper.

Wild Edibles Children 5-12

We will walk the land looking for edible wild plants. We will bring some examples from other areas and a few snacks prepared ahead of time from wild edibles.

Julie and Aidan HawkOwl, Family interested in sustainability and interdependence with nature.

Growing a Garden in Your Mind Children 5-12

When our mind is calm and peaceful, we are happy inside and can live our life fully and joyfully. Learn a simple meditation to grow loving kindness from inside your own heart. Paint “kindness rocks” with words and images to inspire others. Place the rocks where others will see them and feel your love.

Angela Stewart, Teaches meditation to children and families in Providence, RI.


Sunday 10-11:30

Riot in the Garden Children 5-12

Young and old alike are invited to laugh and learn as we get down and earthy, celebrating the joys of farming and gardening in interactive song, comedy and story.

Jackson Gillman, Educational entertainer for 35 years.

Location may be at the Hampshire College Farm.

Fiber Crafts on the Farm Children 5-12

Visit with Austin the Llama, Dodge and Buddy the goats and our angora rabbits on the Hampshire College Farm and create a beautiful fiber craft!

Hope Guardenier, Teaches in farms and gardens around the Valley connecting youth to their food and bringing learning to life!


Sunday 1-2:30

Homemade Dog Biscuits Children 5-12

We will talk about ingredients, measure ingredients, use a rolling pin, cut out cookies and bake them. We'll talk about dogs, what's good nutritionally for us all and have fun!

Betsy Ware, Land use planner, farmer wanna bee, beekeeper with two dogs

Robert Leavens, A scientist by training, carpenter with 40 years of experience, and gentle, fun-loving soul.

Hampshire College Farm Tour Children 5-12

Come for a walk on the trails and farm roads and meet the farm animals, see the crops growing, and learn about the Hampshire College Farm. Bring water and wear good walking shoes!

Hope Guardenier, Teaches in farms and gardens around the Valley connecting youth to their food and bringing learning to life!