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Monday 7/20

Wednesday 7/22

Growing Biennials for Seed
Zoom Room A
Covering the basics of growing a seed crop from a number of biennial vegetables (i.e. vegetables which flower and set seed on their second season of growth.)
Bill Braun, Farmer at Ivory Silo Farm; Executive Director of Freed Seed Federation.

Got Biology? The “What’s Next” After Soil Testing & Amendments
Zoom Room B
We tested and amended our soils to balance our minerals and micronutrients, now we want to ensure that the soil biology is thriving and making nutrients available to plants. We will discuss spring no-till bed prep, utilizing inoculants, spring to fall cover cropping, natural mulches, weed guard, plant sap analysis and foliar sprays, addressing crop and soil limitations.
Laura Davis, Certified Organic Vegetable Grower at Long Life Farm in Hopkinton, Organic Inspector, Soil Technical Advisor.

Pasture Math: Developing a Rotational Grazing Plan
Zoom Room C
Do you want to step up your grazing game, but feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to manage stocking rates, paddock sizes, and regrowth periods? This workshop will teach the core concepts and thought process to develop a tidy, year-round plan for your farm and animals.
Samantha Glaze-Corcoran, Researcher and agronomist at UMass; New England Grazing Network southern New England coordinator. PhD.

Vermicomposting – For Home or Farm
Zoom Room D
This interactive workshop will offer the basic concepts of worm bin composting. We will also discuss strategies for farm scale systems. You will learn about bin design, care and feeding, worm ecology, castings separation and use, and some pretty cool things about worms. Please bring your curiosity, questions, and experiences.
Ben Goldberg, Has enjoyed playing in mud puddles all his life. Now he enjoys keeping worms.
Julia Latady, Farm educator currently on a year-long exploration into growing good food at home with help from a workforce of worms, cockroaches, an aquatic axolotl, chickens, and a rabbit named Senator Bunny Sanders.