The Full Skinny on Healthy Orcharding

11 Aug 2017

The Full Skinny on Healthy Orcharding

Session 1: Orchard Health

Our primary role as orchardists is to build system health. Understory management that embraces forest edge ecology is critical when it comes to getting a leg up on fruit tree diseases. Equally telling is the nutrient density—and flavor!—of the apples we then harvest for our families and communities. Come learn about fungal allies, root relationships, fertility considerations, and the biodiversity that makes good fruit possible no matter what your level of experience.

Session 2: Holistic Disease Management

Fruit tree diseases, unchecked by holistic understanding, can wreak havoc in the orchard. We’ll take an in-depth look at how the organic grower can keep apple scab, rusts and rots from developing on the fruit to a reasonable minimum. Utilizing pure neem oil, liquid fish, effective microbes, and fermented herbal brews allows us to leave behind the mineral fungicides of “Old School Organics” for the most part. These are exciting times to be growing healthy fruit!

Session 3: Walk through the Orchard Year

Understanding the timing and underlying principles for growing healthy fruit becomes clear when set within the framework of the orchard calendar. Major insect challenges can be resolved safely and organically when you perceive who, what and when. Dealing with disease from a holistic perspective requires an in-depth understanding of nutritional cause-and-effect. Biodiversity brings in untold connections. Appreciating such subtleties makes our time on this precious planet all the more fascinating. Tweaking the “systems approach” learned today means taking responsibility to match the challenges you face at your locale.