Fourth Annual Northeast Gathering on Domestic Fair Trade

10 Aug 2018
FPH 102

Fourth Annual Northeast Gathering on Domestic Fair Trade

At this summer’s Free Open Meeting,  NOFA’s Domestic Fair Trade Committee, invites activists from the Northeast Region who are engaged in projects and organizing efforts that come under the broad heading of Domestic Fair Trade to come together to share our work and ideas and to discuss possible collaboration for the immediate future.

Who should come?

We welcome farm workers, farmers, food system workers, processors, manufacturers, worker organizers, farmer organizers, cooperative organizers, visionaries, and allies. Consider attending if your work (paid or volunteer) involves fairer wages, safer work, fair prices, ethical trading, making the food system environmentally, economically, and socially just, sustainable, and humane.

Our mix of attendees assures a strong update of the current state of the landscape in our region; who is working with whom; who should we be inviting to join us in our work and what may be the most promising areas for collaboration moving forward.

Extended Special Reports on current Northeast Projects to include:

  • Red Tomato’s project working with the Equitable Food Initiative
  • Migrant Justice’s Milk with Dignity Program with Ben & Jerry’s
  • Agricultural Justice Project’s Fair From Farm to Retail: uniting farms and food co-ops in the Northeast, a new initiative
  • Farm Worker activities in upstate New York
  • U S Food Sovereignty Alliance

Fair Trade USA / Produce & Floral

The DFT Committee welcomes new members! It is also excited to announce that with several of the NOFA State Chapters it will be participating in the upcoming Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) initiative mentioned above, for NOFA is a founding member of AJP. The initiative will advance the public dialogue on issues around farm labor and social justice; encourage organic farmers to consider and develop such policies and practices relevant to their particular situation which they can begin implementing immediately; and support them at whatever level of engagement, whether through tool-kit resources or through workshops and presentations on specific issues. Interested farmers & potential new members may contact:

your hosts, NOFA Domestic Fair Trade Committee members

Liz Henderson

Louis Battalen