Media Kit

Media Tool Kit for the first ever

NOFA Virtual Summer Conference July 20 – August 9, 2020

Due to the continued recommendations for physical distancing to control the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel the in-person conference and move to an online experience spread out over three weeks.

With this massive undertaking we need YOUR HELP to spread the word and bring even more people together for this conference! We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to support our event and encouraging your network to register through your email communications, Zoom conversations, and ESPECIALLY on social media.


The NOFA Summer Conference is a solutions-oriented annual celebration of the grassroots organic movement. Gardeners, farmers, growers and food-lovers from across the Northeast come together to share their inspiration and ideas for organic food, farming, health, activism, and beyond. With an array of workshops, seminars, exhibits, food and fun, learning becomes a community action. A 46-year long tradition moves online this year but will still be the uplifting, informative and community building event it has always been!


The Northeast Organic Farming Association is a non-profit organization of over 5,000 farmers, gardeners, landscape professionals and consumers working to advocate for and educate about healthy food, organic growing practices, agricultural justice, and a cleaner environment.

NOFA has regional chapters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.


In the current flood of virtual meetings, webinars and information, we need all the help we can get to rally excitement for the NOFA Virtual Summer Conference.

Below are sample posts and content calendars for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn that can be personalized and shared across your social media platforms as well as tailored to emails and newsletters.

We’d also greatly appreciate any likes, comments, shares and/or retweets of our social media posts to amplify our reach. You can find The NOFA Summer Conference on social media at the handles below:

  • Link:,
  • Hashtags: #NOFASC, #NOFASC2020, #WeMustGrowOn
  • Facebook: @NOFASummerConference
  • Instagram: NOFASummerConference
  • Twitter: @NofaSummer


Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to post directly to your Instagram page! But we’d greatly appreciate it if you could help us raise awareness of the NOFA Summer Conference by following us on IG and sharing our posts. You can do so by:
1. Sharing one of our posts in your story – this will allow users to click on the post and be brought to our page (so it won’t disrupt your Instagram feed). Here’s how:
• Tap the paper airplane button below our post that you would like to share
• In the menu options choose “Create a story with this post”
• Tap it and see how the post will appear. You can customize how the post will look in your stories with stickers or a personal message!
2. Writing a simple message in your story about the event. You can tag us at @NOFASummerConference to point people in the right direction.


On Facebook you can follow us @NOFASummerConference and any likes or comments on our posts are helpful. It would be unbelievably helpful for us if you DO share on your personal page with an image and a post. These personal posts on your or your organizations’ feeds will help raise our visibility greatly. Below is a content calendar and some sample posts that can be copied and pasted onto Facebook.

FACEBOOK CONTENT CALENDER (In this email are attached images that may be shared in any order)


Simply by following us, @NofaSummer you will help us build our audience! If we tweet something that resonates with you, please re-tweet it. If you tweet something about food, farming or resiliency don’t hesitate to @ us!


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Download 2020 NOFA SC Promo files

On behalf of the NOFA Summer Conference, and our continued work to bring together the community of dynamic and diverse people who care deeply about sustainable living, food justice and carbon sequestration, we THANK YOU!!!!

If you have further questions or want to get in touch contact NOFA/Mass PR coordinator Lydia Irons.