2019 Presenter Info


Our schedule, including room assignments, is complete. Please open this spreadsheet and locate your date, time, and room; or, you may view the program on our website. Please triple check that all your information is correct, and that you have confirmed your date and time. July 1st is the deadline for changes to program content including presenter changes.


For those of you bringing creatures, please sent copies of all animal rabies vaccinations to hannah@nofamass.org. Please also confirm the number of animals you are bringing!


For those of you interested in or who are planning on exhibiting your wares in our exhibitor tent, please contact Christy Basset at christy@nofamass.org.


NEW! Everyone was sent an invitation to register to the email provided. You must register online to be sure you receive your registration packet, including your name badge, needed for entry into the buildings. During registration you can also add additional housing, meals, or staff members or attendees.

As a reminder, presenters MAY NOT bring guests, spouses, or partners to the conference unless they are a registered attendee. If they are not pre-registered, we will ask that they please register as a walk-in. Registered guests must check-in at attendee registration.



Most importantly, be on time to your workshop! And by on time, we mean EARLY! Presenters are required to arrive to registration 1 hour before your workshop starts. After that, we ask that you arrive at the location of your workshop 30 minutes before start time. This allows us to help everyone work out the inevitable A/V kinks, etc, before the workshop starts. This cannot be stressed enough- we have a small staff of volunteers who have to assist each and every presenter with technical issues, so it is imperative that you allow us the time to get everyone taken care of. If you are late to your workshop, you will forfeit the honorarium. Attendees paid to learn from you, provide them the courtesy of a full 90 minute of knowledge sharing. Please call me or text Hannah Blackmer at 802-279-7293 at any time to notify of travel issues so that NOFA may inform attendees in a timely fashion.


Things happen... Should something hinder your ability to meet your commitment to presenting, please call Hannah (802-279-7293) as soon as you can.


NOFA will cover any copying costs or supplies for hands-on workshops up to $35.00 per workshop. This does not cover transportation costs, except for presenters who are hauling mammalian animals involved in their workshops. Receipts for expenses must be submitted by August 25th to receive reimbursements. On the receipt, clearly mark your name and address and highlight the amount to be paid.

The best way to submit your receipt is to print out the "Workshop Reimbursement Request Form.doc", fill it out, staple the receipt(s) to it, and add it to the box at the presenter registration table, labelled "Presenter Receipts". The form is also available upon request at the check-in table. You may also mail in the form with the receipt after the conference.

If you are printing from home, you can make up an invoice for home printer use at a max of $0.10 per page; as a point of reference, at the NOFA/Mass office we charge $0.04 per page for non-NOFA copies, and Collective Copies in Amherst charges $0.05/page.


A $50 honorarium is awarded per workshop. Presenters offering a second workshop will receive an honorarium of $25. Should a workshop have more than one presenter, the honorarium will be split evenly among presenters. Honorariums will be mailed to presenters in September, unless you have specifically indicated that you'll donate your stipend to the Farming Education Fund, which provides scholarships for attendees in financial need.


To get to Hampshire College, plug this address into your favorite GPS or map software:

893 West St, Amherst, MA 01002

There is ample parking throughout the campus. On Thursday and Friday, please do not park in the areas marked off as “Staff Parking”. Saturday and Sunday all lots are open. For the lots closest to housing we recommend Merrill/Dakin Lot and for Camping we recommend the Robert Crown Center Lot.


Please visit the Registration Tent immediately upon arrival to receive your name badge and housing assignment. This needs to be done before you go to your classroom! Again, make sure to arrive on campus at least one hour before your workshop. There is a separate registration line for presenters to facilitate speedy check-in. Upon check-in, you will receive your conference packet, which includes your name badge and program book.

The Registration Tent will be visible on the green between the Robert Crown Athletic Center/Johnson Library and Franklin Patterson Hall

By skipping this step or by showing up late to your workshop, you forfeit the presenter honorarium.

Onsite Registration Hours

  • Friday August 9: 3pm - 6pm
  • Saturday August 10: 7am-2pm & 5pm-7pm
  • Sunday August 11: 7am-11 and 2pm-4pm
On-Campus Housing Accommodations

If you have pre-registered for a dorm you must check in at the Registration Tent to receive your room assignment and room keys. Please note: Hampshire College requires a $50 check deposit for your room keys. Please bring your $50 check deposit made out to “NOFA/Mass” with you to the registration tent during registration hours. If your keys are lost or not returned for any reason, there will be an additional $150 fee added to your registration.

If you did not pre-register for a dorm room or campsite, you may still do so online, or at the registration tent when you arrive. Dorm room rental fee for a single room is $40/one night or $75/two nights. There are limited double rooms, but are suggested for parents with children under 18. Dorm rental fee for a double room is $50/one night or $90/two nights.

Single rooms: 1 single bed. Limit of 1 adult.

Double rooms: Are very limited and reserved for parents with a child or couples with mobility issues.

What to expect:

Single rooms are equipped with a single size 38x75in twin mattress bed and dresser in a suite with a bathroom/shower and a common area on each floor. Bring your own bed linens, towel, and toiletries. Pack lightly, there are no elevators in the dorms. If you do happen to forget, we will have linen packs (includes pillow, blanket, sheets, towels)  to rent for $15 at the Registration Tent. Check out time for both your key AND swipe card is Sunday August 11th, by 5pm.


Camping area will be located in the tree area across the driveway from the Robert Crown Athletic Center. RV and pull along campers need to park in Enfield Parking Lot. Bring your own camping gear. Open fires are not allowed. All tent, RV, and pull along campers need to have a camping pass. Camping passes can be added to your registration at the registration tent $23/tent for one night or $40/tent for two nights.


Please spread the word! Share our Facebook event link, invite your friends, direct people to the webpage, and talk the event up! The more people we have engaging others, the better :)