Read about the 150+ adult Workshops (nearly 200 with the youth conference workshops) at the 2014 NOFA Summer Conference in three different ways:
1. by Category
2. by Time Slot
3. by Track (more below)

Workshop Tracks
Click each track title below to read about a group of workshops tied together by a common theme, practice, or perspective. While all workshops have a category; not all have a track.

  1. Beginning Farmer Track: A range of technical and farm-planning topics of particular interest to farmers with fewer than ten years of independent farming experience.
  2. Cooperatives Track: Sponsored by the Neighboring Food Co-op Association, these workshops explore promising cooperative economic models.
  3. Dowsing Track: Sponsored by the American Society of Dowsers, this track of workshop explores the use of dowsing in organic agriculture.
  4. Draft Horse Track: These workshops provide hands-on experience working with draft horses, as well as presentation on the economics and techniques of farming with horses.
  5. Organic Land Care Track: Attendance qualifies AOLCP (Accredited Organic Land Care Professional) participants for credits in the NOFA Organic Land Care Accreditation Program.
  6. Permaculture Track: Permaculture-based approaches to organic agriculture and ecological design that offer perspectives, skills, and ideas for regenerative land use and creative community building.
  7. Soil Carbon and Climate Track: These workshops provide information on farming practices that return carbon to the soil from the atmosphere, and build humus for the long term.