No-Till Keynote Panel

No-Till Keynote Panel - From Purpose to Practicality

with Jen Salinetti and Daniel Mays  

Wednesday, August 4, 7 – 8:30pm 

No till forumIn this keynote panel discussion, we sit down with two prominent no-till farmers from the Northeast to discuss the journey they’ve been on as they’ve reduced tillage in their growing operations. Starting from a philosophical standpoint, this session will offer an opportunity to hear the evolutionary story of both Woven Roots Farm and Frith Farm, from a more conventional approach to organic farming to one of regeneration and minimal soil disturbance. Each speaker will have the opportunity to share experiences and considerations that influenced their decisions to fully commit their farm operations to no-till.  

We’ll also check in about day-to-day practices that both farms have honed over the years to make their farms vibrant places to work and live, as well as how their no-till practices contribute to farm profitability. 

Hear discussion around: 

  • Early influences on their no-till trajectory 
  • Challenges faced and decisions made on the road to their full commitment to no-till 
  • Practical hacks and real time advantages to going no-till 

About the Speakers 

Jen Salinetti (she/her) is a co-founder, farmer, and the Director of Education & Community Engagement at Woven Roots Farm. For over 15 years, Jen has offered workshops and courses that develop relationships to land, build skills of resilience, promote traditional growing practices, and amplify pathways to social justice in the local school system, for the Northeast Organic Farming Association, and other regional organizations. She was recently selected as one of the Berkshires’ 25 most dedicated, influential, and creative people. 

Daniel Mays (he/him) runs Frith Farm in southern Maine, where he has been growing vegetables commercially using no-till methods since 2011. His Waldorf education and Quaker upbringing shape his relationship to land and community, and their influences can be seen in Frith Farm's commitment to soil health, biodiversity, human-scale practices, and on-farm education. Daniel holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering, is the author of The No-Till Organic Vegetable Farm, and enjoys discussing regenerative farming techniques with anyone who grows food.

Live access to this virtual event is included with your 2021 NOFA Summer Conference registration, or can be purchased separately for $15. Register here.