August 12-14, 2016 UMass, Amherst, MA

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Cultivating The Organic Grassroots Movement

The Northeast Organic Farming Association’s Summer Conference is the community learning hub of the NOFA universe. We learn, we play, and we enjoy a weekend of skill building, inspiration and entertainment. It is our opportunity to get together and inspire one another during a family friendly weekend with people living the same lifestyle, holding the same vision and working respectively in many ways toward the same goals.

At the NOFA summer conference, you may learn as much across a lunch table as you will at workshops; solve your most pressing challenge in a chance discussion with a stranger; or create the spark that is going to be your next big idea. Children and Teens also have their own conference experience with a parade, workshops and activities that build their organic vision for the future.

We are currently gathering experts and innovators of various organic lifestyle practices that are proving, in real time, how their skillsets bring results. It is our goal to assemble the best educators we can find, and create the most vibrant, enjoyable learning environment we can possibly assemble to make the 2016 Summer Conference a powerful and transformative experience for all.

NOFA Summer Conference Committee


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