Sunday Workshops Sessions

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Moving the Carbon Agenda: How Can We Restore Soil Carbon Faster?

Join in a practical conversation about what can be done on your own land to sequester carbon.

Pastured Poultry Production Methods

Learn to raise birds for meat or eggs on pasture!

Stormwater Solutions for the Home

By following the trail of stormwater, explore various methods of retaining runoff onsite through incorporating soft infrastructure such as rain gardens, bioswales, and other techniques of cleaning, slowing, and sinking water.

Whatever Happened to “Organic”?

Organic agriculture is key to avoiding climate chaos, but less than 1% of US farmland is organic.

FarmOS: Open Source Farm Management & Record Keeping

Learn the core features of farmOS, how to get started, where to find help, and how to contribute back to the project.

Sustainable Hop Production for Home & Market

Learn how to grow hops for home use or to sell to the burgeoning craft brewer market in the Northeastern United States

Compost Analysis & Interpretation

There are many agricultural, environmental, and regulatory reasons to get a compost analysis and interpret results for plant available nutrient content.

The Other Sweet Trees

We all know that sugar maples are the source of maple syrup, but how many know that all other species of maple.

Tour: Horse Powered CSA Part 2

In the second part of this two-part tour of Natural Roots Farm, which begins Sunday at 8:00 AM, we will continue to demonstrate traditional and innovative horse drawn equipment in our produce operation.

Microbes: Friend or Foe?

Digestion and health is dynamic and ever changing modulated by literally trillions of hundreds of different types of microorganisms.

How to Be a Healthy Vegan

If you’re a new vegan, happily vegan, or vegan-curious, learn everything you need to be sure you’re healthy as well.

Farm-Based Education: Telling the Story of Food, Land & Farmers

Your whole farm is ripe with opportunities for experiential learning!

Tour: UMass Franklin Permaculture Garden Tour

Enjoy a tour of the Franklin Permaculture Garden.

Tour: Wild Medicinals Plant Walk

This walk will explore the wild edges of the UMass Amherst campus in search of medicinal herbs, trees, and shrubs commonly found in the northeast.

Honeybees & Beekeeping

Honeybees pollinate 1/3 of our food!

Labor Saving Practices in a High Tunnel

Irrigation controls, paperpot transplanters, greens harvesters, harvest carts and totes, fold up end walls, manure spreaders in the tunnel.

Sowing Food Sovereignty: Women Empowering & Feeding Venezuela

Venezuela has long been dependent on food imports, and with the plunge in global oil prices, comprising 95% of the nation's revenue, Venezuelan citizens are faced with a food crisis.

Ecological Landscaping Welcomes Wildlife

Gardeners will learn about designing landscapes with habitat and food for wildlife.

Organic Farming in Cuba Today

Howard will share a detailed pictorial and descriptive tour of Cuba’s agroecological farms.

Farm Business: Selling Wholesale, Branding & Marketing Your Products

Sharing insight and advice from a team of chefs and farmers, this session will outline how producers can adopt technology on their farms, boats, and at their workshops to help sell product before harvest, cultivation, or even a seed is planted.

Making & Using Your Own Herbal Honeys

Preserving your herbs in honey has many benefits! Honey is a delicious, locally available resource with an endless shelf life, and it effectively extracts a wide range of medicinal constituents.

Who’s Afraid of Animal Fats?

New research is proving that natural animal fats do not cause heart disease or other chronic conditions.

Small Batch Vegetable Fermentation & Recipe Development

Learn key concepts necessary for making delicious lacto-fermented vegetables at home.

Hybrid Seeds: Are They Worth the Cost?

What are hybrids and why do they cost so much?

Organic No-Till Vegetable Production

Four Winds Farm has been no-till since 1995, utilizing permanent beds and system of weed control with generous applications of compost.

Tour: Mechanical Cultivation at Simple Gifts Farm

This tour will include a basic tour of Simple Gifts Farm, with a focus on the systems we use to control weeds and to cut down on hand work in the fields.

Cultivating the Soil & Soul:

How do we use farming as a way of teaching and learning the fundamentals of ecology, religion and spirituality

Intensive Silvopastoral Systems for the Northeast

Intensive silvopastures use densely-planted woody fodder shrubs in combination with pasture and full-sized trees to increase productivity and biodiversity

No-Till Intensive Vegetable Production Pt 2

Learn methods for intensively growing vegetable crops without disturbing the soil through tillage or cultivation.

Farmer Advocacy for Better Animal Welfare

The ASPCA and The Humane Society of the United States will discuss how national animal welfare groups are advocating for, supporting, and collaborating with humane farmers.

Community Resiliency through Crop Surplus Management

Attendees will learn an array of surplus management techniques, ranging from grassroots gleaning to large-scale accumulating and processing, as modeled by Salvation Farms.

Mastering Biodiversity: Learning from Nature & Indigenous Cultures

Symbiosis in nature created healthy landscapes providing fresh water and rich soils for human communities. Indigenous peoples have protected many of these biodiverse lands and are working to restore others. We will explore actions of the First Nations in Canada, herding tribes in Africa, and salmon stream restoration in the USA. Jim Laurie: Restoration Biologist...
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Farming With Volunteers

Community Harvest Project is a non-profit farm that relies heavily on volunteer groups.

Tour: Harvest Efficiency & Wash Station Flow

This tour will detail the improvements that Simple Gifts Farm has made to its washroom infrastructure and workflow over the past year.

Improving Your Land With Multi-Species Grazing

Raising multiple species of livestock on pasture is truly an asset to a farm, from renovating and rotovating land to building organic matter and soil biology.

Tour: UMass Student Farming Enterprise

Tour the UMass Student Farm, which manages 9 acres of certified organic land on the campus of UMass Amherst.

Climate Emergency, Climate Promise

Over the past two or three years global warming has begun to accelerate markedly and climate scientists have underestimated the scope of anthropogenic climate change.

Urban Agriculture Composting

Rich will walk you through how urban growers can compost on various scales.

Wild Mushrooms of Massachusetts

Many people are excited to learn about edible wild mushrooms; there are so many delicious varieties!

Tour: Horse Powered CSA Part 1

In the first part of this two-part tour of Natural Roots Farm, we’ll demonstrate how we run our CSA, relying exclusively on horsepower.

Commercial Organic Seedling Production

In 1998, Four Winds Farm started selling seedlings to gardeners.

Protecting Your Working Body: Self Care & Ergonomics for Farmers!

This upbeat and active workshop teaches how to care for your most important tool... your body!

Nut Trees for the Northeast

Northeast nut trees provide food, forage, lumber and a host of other goodies.

No-Till Intensive Vegetable Production Pt 1

Learn methods for intensively growing vegetable crops without disturbing the soil through tillage or cultivation.

Building a Hoophouse Pasture Coop

David and Pam will share their planning and construction of their new pasture coop for 80 birds.

Herbs for Childbearing: Having a Healthy Pregnancy Without Pills

Learn about the herbs that nourish, take care of common problems and prepare our bodies for birth.

East West Self-Healing & Health Maintance Using Traditional Foods

Learn to assess your health using a combination of modern biology and Oriental medicine’s use of visual bodily cues to reveal the health of your organs, glands and metabolism.

Creating a Learning Plan for Your Development as a Farm

Brittany will review the skills and competencies that farmers need to succeed, and will help you draft your own farm’s learning plan.

Season Extension in an Era of Climate Whiplash

Learn how to extend your gardening season inexpensively and efficiently.

Carbon Farming: To Profit the Farm & the Earth

Emerging science demonstrates the power of biology to draw carbon into soils

Cover Crops for the Small Vegetable Farm

Cover cropping is an indispensable tool for maintaining and building healthy soil.