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12 Aug 2016
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13 Aug 2016
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11 Aug 2017
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21 Jan 2022
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12 Aug 2018

Feud on the Farm:

Through a new grant from the USDA and MOPC, the Mediation and Training Collaborative (TMTC) offers education and mediation services to farmers.

Introduction to Organic Certification

Getting certified is easier and simpler than you think!

Mentoring Next Generation Farmers:

MESA’s online learning network has resources to enrich hands-on farm training.

Leadership in Community Gardens

An integral part of a thriving community garden is strong leadership.

How to Start a School Garden

Are you interested in starting or improving an educational edible garden at your school? Learn step-by-step strategies in creating and sustaining a bountiful plot for students.

Veal: No Longer the Ugly Meat

With proponents of sustainable agriculture working to distinguish between sustainable and conventional livestock, one facet of farming has yet to break out of the vilified reputation – veal.

Structural Pruning of Shade Trees & Ornamentals

A detailed, informative and entertaining intensive on training our largest landscape plants for proper form and sustainable growth.

Beginners Garlic Growing

Starting by looking at a simple bulb of garlic, beginners will gain a framework for successful garlic growing by looking at the different stages of planting, harvesting, processing and selling.

A Sick Sheep is NOT a Dead Sheep!

In this workshop we will bust open various common myths about shepherding.

Plant Propagation: The Asexual Gift That Keeps Giving.

This workshop will offer a broad overview on many different types of vegetative propagation

Preserving the Past & Tasting the Present

Taste the harvest long after the season has passed!

The Role of Biochar in Organic Farming

Biochar has beneficial effects when properly integrated into an organic farming system.

Organic Fertilizers Demystified

Paul will guide you through a comprehensive look at organic fertilizer ingredients

Seed Sovereignty is Food Sovereignty

Seed is the fundamental unit of our food system.

Walking the Labyrinth’s Path: Ecological Art in Action

Learn about ancient labyrinths and today’s “earth art” movement as we weave willow fencing and create a labyrinth to walk.

Tour: Let’s Go PYO!

The extensive Pick-Your-Own at Brookfield Farm includes berries, beans, herbs, cherry and paste tomatoes, flowers, garlic, peas, pumpkins and more.

Farming, Teaching & Feeding a College Campus

College food can be great! We grow 25% of our food on campus, & 50% is sourced locally or sustainably.

Beginning Small Scale Pastured Poultry- Brooder to Bag

This workshop will provide a detailed overview of the proven basics of brooding, raising, and processing poultry.

Make the Most of Your Urban & Suburban Garden

Urban and suburban gardens have unique challenges and opportunities.

CSA Around the World:

CSA farmers/organizers from all continents gathered in China at the 6th International CSA Conference to exchange experiences and plan further expansion of family farm-scale agro-ecological projects.

Community Ownership:

What is the co-op model and how can it help make local food systems work for people with limited food budgets?

Reclaiming Your Pantry

A well-stocked pantry provides the comfort that we truly understand the source of what we eat, and empowers us to cook holistically

Singing for Freedom & a Livable Future

Come for a respite from the intense intellectual engagement of the conference!

“From Seed to Sauce”, the Art of Tomato Growing

Learn to find great heirloom tomato varieties, grow a great crop, and use your bounty creatively.

Keeping Sheep Organically

Learn options for managing sheep organically, including breeds and housing, practices for parasite control, handling, feeding and health care.

Pruning Fruit Trees for Health & Longevity

Attendees will learn organic fruit tree care from an arborist’s perspective.

Your Daily Dose of Herbs

Herbs can be a simple and powerful addition to your daily life, supporting holistic wellness and emotional and physical balance.

Non-NPK Organic Soil Amendments in Spinach

Learn about short-term effects of azomite, biochar, humates, basalt dust, and zeolites on yield and Brix in spinach and potatoes.

Integrated Pest Management in Cucurbits

Cuke beetles, and squash bugs, and mildews, oh my! Cucurbits are susceptible to many many insects and diseases.

Cooking Grass Fed Meats for Flavor & Nutrition

Joan will discuss what makes grass fed beef different and why it requires different cooking techniques.

Getting the Farm Transfer/ Transition Process Started

Robert will address the challenges that families face when initiating the farm transition process of passing on management and ownership and show how to plan for one family gradually easing out while the other eases in.

Tour: Gardening With Mushrooms

Learn how to bring mushrooms into your home and garden!

The State of Organic Ag at the Massachusetts State House

The formal 2015-2016 Massachusetts legislative session has just ended.

Digestive Wellness: A Gut Feeling

Maintain your gut microbiome for optimal health With Beth Colon, M.S., owner of Holistic Nutrition Services LLC in Westborough, MA. Research is beginning to show a link between the brain...
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Beth Colon

The Nourishing Homestead

Explore numerous aspects of homesteading.
Ben Hewitt

High Tunnels:

High tunnels can be a great way to grow your farm from a seasonal enterprise to a year round one, to cope with climate change, and to get significantly more...
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Andy Fellenz

Regenerative Agriculture

With Andre Leu, farmer and President of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), based in Australia.
Andre Leu

The Art and Science of Grazing

Learn basic principles of good grazing management systems, from the perspective of the plants and the livestock. Using examples of real farm grazing systems, we will cover fencing, water systems,...
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Sarah Flack

Tour: Wild Browse Farm & Sustainability Center

See the change from forest to a productive homestead: gardens, orchards, pastured poultry, solar systems, greenhouse and much more.

Real Pickles: The Story of a Co-operative Conversion

Learn how Real Pickles made the decision to convert from a sole proprietorship to a worker co-op and explore the process that led to the conversion.

How to Make Homemade Cheese

Explore making chèvre, que fresco, feta, yogurt, and an aged cheese like camembert.

Soil Fertility & Optimal Growing Conditions on the Farm or Garden

A crash course in how healthy agricultural soils can be built and managed for great growing results.

New Technologies & Unique Set-Ups

Urban farming is taking off in some of the most densely populated places around Greater Boston in interesting, unexpected ways.

Growing a Holistic, Homestead, Heirloom Apple Orchard

A practical presentation and interactive discussion on site selection, planting, pruning, grafting and holistically nurturing heirloom and disease resistant apple varieties.

Rotational Grazing & Soil Health

Learn about rotational grazing techniques, how to understand what your pasture land is capable of producing, and how these tools and thoughtful management relate to soil health and increased productivity.

Farm to School: Getting Kids Excited About Eating Vegetables

Learn creative ways to integrate locally-grown farm produce and nutrition education into elementary school curriculum.

Creating an Holistic Farm Family Goal

Learn the three components of a holistic farm family goal.

Tour: Starting a Small Scale Mushroom Farm

Explore the opportunities in small-scale mushroom cultivation.

Work Horses 102: Beyond the Basics

Understand what horses can do for your farm with a hands on learning experience where you will have the opportunity to harness and drive a single or a team of horses.

Tour: No-Till Compost/Biochar Farm Tour

Visit Astarte Farm, a certified organic market Garden in Hadley MA, for a farm tour of their operation using inoculated compost/Biochar blends to accomplish long term fertility goals.

World Crops Project

Groundwork Somerville is piloting the growing of crops that might be considered new to the Boston region, but which are familiar to many immigrants living there.

Getting Started in Beekeeping

Learn the basics of the rewarding hobby of keeping honeybees, which pollinate one third of the food we eat.

Moving the Needle: Food Access, Food Justice or Food Sovereignty

Partnerships can assist with addressing issues of race, class, food inequality, and food insecurity.

Soil Health Demonstration – Rainfall Simulator, Soil Aggregation, Infiltration

When the rain comes, will your soil be ready? You’ve learned a lot about soil health already, but have you seen it in action? Join us outside for a variety...
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Preserving the Harvest: Fermentation 101

Learn how to preserve fresh produce in order to reduce food waste, save money, and eat local throughout the year using the time-honored tradition of fermentation.


In this interactive workshop, participants and a panel of Interstate NOFA Policy Committee members will dig into today’s policy landscape.

Low Intervention Organic Fruit Production

We will discuss apples, peaches, pears, plums, grapes, blueberries and red raspberries (and some minor fruit) and what we do for them from March – November.

Farming Is Risky Business

Farmers will receive education on a variety of risk management tools to help evaluate risk on your farm.

Farmer Co-ops for More Efficient Marketing

Learn how co-operative enterprise is a powerful tool for farmers seeking more efficient marketing and a more sustainable food system.

Is My Beef Finished?

Discuss ways a farmer can identify when their beef is finished, to produce consistent, quality grass fed beef.

Building a Net-Zero Green Home:

Building “green” in today’s world is easier and more cost effective than ever before.

Herbal Approaches to Lyme Disease

Informed by the new edition of Stephen Harrod Buhner’s, Healing Lyme, as well as his Herbal Antibiotics and Herbal Antivirals, we will explore the benefits of plant medicine in fighting bacterial and viral illness and building our bodies’ resistance.

Farming With Volunteers

Community Harvest Project is a non-profit farm that relies heavily on volunteer groups.

Goat Farming

From choosing breeds and creating housing, to breeding, kid rearing and milking.

Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening

This workshop will focus on growing a steady supply of greens from soil-sprouts.

Finding, Assessing & Securing Farmland

A comprehensive overview of strategies, considerations, and resources for achieving secure access to farmland. Learn ways to find farm properties and assess their suitability for your farm plan. We’ll consider...
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Excel Spreadsheets for Small Scale Farms

Improve your farm planning, workflow, and record keeping systems with functional and presentable excel documents.

Organic Pest & Disease Management for Urban Farms

We will identify the common pests and diseases we see in our work in the greater Boston area, and discuss both standard and more creative management strategies!

Medicinal Mushrooms

This workshop will go over different varieties of medicinal mushrooms, their historical use, and what grows native to New England.

Getting to the Root: White Privilege in the Food System

In this workshop we’ll look at food system inequities, analyze our own power, privilege, and competencies as makers of change, and discuss possible solutions white culture can implement for a more just and equitable food system.

Season Extension Strategies

Row cover, low tunnels, high tunnels, caterpillar tunnels, and greenhouses have all been employed successfully for extending the harvest season.

Soils Part 1: What’s Going on Down There

What is the relationship between plants and their soil?

Practical Crop Storage for Winter Sales

Offering a range of produce all winter long has many advantages - retaining customers, consistent cash flow, and feeding the community year-round.

Farmer in the Classroom

Learn about the successful Farmer in the Classroom program and how to establish it in your own schools.

Financial Planning & Management for Diversified Farms

We will review budgeting, profit and loss statements, balance sheet analysis, and borrowing for capitalization for the small, diversified farm.

Growing Health: 10 Herbs for Backyard Medicine

Feel empowered to grow and make herbal medicine from the garden!

Making Medicinal Ghee: An Ayurvedic Perspective

In Ayurvedic Medicine, ghee is used to prevent and treat ailments that affect digestion, memory, inflammation, joints and immunity.

Dehydrating Your Harvest for Fun & Health

Learn how easy it is to dehydrate food and create fun projects.

Creating a Permaculture Farm

Learn how to design your farm using the insights and techniques of permaculture.

Dowsing & Agriculture

Dowsing has been used for thousands of years in many cultures around the world.

Small Scale Beekeeping

Increase vegetable and fruit yields, protect pollinators, improve local food security and potentially receive a honey bonus.

Soils Part 2: How Do We Unlock Soil Potential?

Having covered the basics and beyond of soils in Part 1, in Part 2 we will look at the intricacies and nuances of bringing your soil and fertility performance to the best it can be.

Work Horses 101

For those with limited experience and lots of interest, get hands on time, up close and personal with these amazing animals.

Starting Out with Organic Pastured Pigs

Just getting into pigs? Thinking about expanding from just a couple pigs to a couple dozen?

Co-operative Enterprise & Sustainability: Why Go Co-op?

Why go co-op? How do co-ops strengthen our regional food system and economy?

GMO Secrets: What Monsanto Doesn’t Want You to Know

Discuss the hidden secrets that are seldom disclosed but are part of the research, development, production and marketing of GMO crops and food.

Tour: UMass Cover Crop Research Plot

Learn about several cover-cropping research projects occurring at UMass Amherst, with visual context.

Social & Racial Justice Panel Discussion

Join local food justice leaders for a “roll up our sleeves” conversation about taking the food movement to the next level.

TOUR: Hampshire College Farm

Take a tour of the Farm Center at Hampshire College.

Ecological Landscaping Welcomes Wildlife

Gardeners will learn about designing landscapes with habitat and food for wildlife.

Organic Farming in Cuba Today

Howard will share a detailed pictorial and descriptive tour of Cuba’s agroecological farms.

Farm Business: Selling Wholesale, Branding & Marketing Your Products

Sharing insight and advice from a team of chefs and farmers, this session will outline how producers can adopt technology on their farms, boats, and at their workshops to help sell product before harvest, cultivation, or even a seed is planted.

Making & Using Your Own Herbal Honeys

Preserving your herbs in honey has many benefits! Honey is a delicious, locally available resource with an endless shelf life, and it effectively extracts a wide range of medicinal constituents.

Who’s Afraid of Animal Fats?

New research is proving that natural animal fats do not cause heart disease or other chronic conditions.

Small Batch Vegetable Fermentation & Recipe Development

Learn key concepts necessary for making delicious lacto-fermented vegetables at home.

Hybrid Seeds: Are They Worth the Cost?

What are hybrids and why do they cost so much?

Organic No-Till Vegetable Production

Four Winds Farm has been no-till since 1995, utilizing permanent beds and system of weed control with generous applications of compost.

Tour: Mechanical Cultivation at Simple Gifts Farm

This tour will include a basic tour of Simple Gifts Farm, with a focus on the systems we use to control weeds and to cut down on hand work in the fields.

Cultivating the Soil & Soul:

How do we use farming as a way of teaching and learning the fundamentals of ecology, religion and spirituality

Intensive Silvopastoral Systems for the Northeast

Intensive silvopastures use densely-planted woody fodder shrubs in combination with pasture and full-sized trees to increase productivity and biodiversity

No-Till Intensive Vegetable Production Pt 2

Learn methods for intensively growing vegetable crops without disturbing the soil through tillage or cultivation.

Farmer Advocacy for Better Animal Welfare

The ASPCA and The Humane Society of the United States will discuss how national animal welfare groups are advocating for, supporting, and collaborating with humane farmers.

Community Resiliency through Crop Surplus Management

Attendees will learn an array of surplus management techniques, ranging from grassroots gleaning to large-scale accumulating and processing, as modeled by Salvation Farms.

Tour: Harvest Efficiency & Wash Station Flow

This tour will detail the improvements that Simple Gifts Farm has made to its washroom infrastructure and workflow over the past year.

Improving Your Land With Multi-Species Grazing

Raising multiple species of livestock on pasture is truly an asset to a farm, from renovating and rotovating land to building organic matter and soil biology.

Tour: UMass Student Farming Enterprise

Tour the UMass Student Farm, which manages 9 acres of certified organic land on the campus of UMass Amherst.

Climate Emergency, Climate Promise

Over the past two or three years global warming has begun to accelerate markedly and climate scientists have underestimated the scope of anthropogenic climate change.

Urban Agriculture Composting

Rich will walk you through how urban growers can compost on various scales.

Wild Mushrooms of Massachusetts

Many people are excited to learn about edible wild mushrooms; there are so many delicious varieties!

Tour: Horse Powered CSA Part 1

In the first part of this two-part tour of Natural Roots Farm, we’ll demonstrate how we run our CSA, relying exclusively on horsepower.

Commercial Organic Seedling Production

In 1998, Four Winds Farm started selling seedlings to gardeners.

Protecting Your Working Body: Self Care & Ergonomics for Farmers!

This upbeat and active workshop teaches how to care for your most important tool... your body!

Nut Trees for the Northeast

Northeast nut trees provide food, forage, lumber and a host of other goodies.

No-Till Intensive Vegetable Production Pt 1

Learn methods for intensively growing vegetable crops without disturbing the soil through tillage or cultivation.

Building a Hoophouse Pasture Coop

David and Pam will share their planning and construction of their new pasture coop for 80 birds.

Herbs for Childbearing: Having a Healthy Pregnancy Without Pills

Learn about the herbs that nourish, take care of common problems and prepare our bodies for birth.

East West Self-Healing & Health Maintance Using Traditional Foods

Learn to assess your health using a combination of modern biology and Oriental medicine’s use of visual bodily cues to reveal the health of your organs, glands and metabolism.

Creating a Learning Plan for Your Development as a Farm

Brittany will review the skills and competencies that farmers need to succeed, and will help you draft your own farm’s learning plan.

Season Extension in an Era of Climate Whiplash

Learn how to extend your gardening season inexpensively and efficiently.

Carbon Farming: To Profit the Farm & the Earth

Emerging science demonstrates the power of biology to draw carbon into soils

Cover Crops for the Small Vegetable Farm

Cover cropping is an indispensable tool for maintaining and building healthy soil.

Moving the Carbon Agenda: How Can We Restore Soil Carbon Faster?

Join in a practical conversation about what can be done on your own land to sequester carbon.

Active Listening – Tending to Your Relationships

Understand how communication is at the heart of every single relationship in your professional and personal life.

Pastured Poultry Production Methods

Learn to raise birds for meat or eggs on pasture!

Stormwater Solutions for the Home

By following the trail of stormwater, explore various methods of retaining runoff onsite through incorporating soft infrastructure such as rain gardens, bioswales, and other techniques of cleaning, slowing, and sinking water.

Whatever Happened to “Organic”?

Organic agriculture is key to avoiding climate chaos, but less than 1% of US farmland is organic.

FarmOS: Open Source Farm Management & Record Keeping

Learn the core features of farmOS, how to get started, where to find help, and how to contribute back to the project.

Sustainable Hop Production for Home & Market

Learn how to grow hops for home use or to sell to the burgeoning craft brewer market in the Northeastern United States

Compost Analysis & Interpretation

There are many agricultural, environmental, and regulatory reasons to get a compost analysis and interpret results for plant available nutrient content.

The Other Sweet Trees

We all know that sugar maples are the source of maple syrup, but how many know that all other species of maple.

Tour: Horse Powered CSA Part 2

In the second part of this two-part tour of Natural Roots Farm, which begins Sunday at 8:00 AM, we will continue to demonstrate traditional and innovative horse drawn equipment in our produce operation.

Microbes: Friend or Foe?

Digestion and health is dynamic and ever changing modulated by literally trillions of hundreds of different types of microorganisms.

How to Be a Healthy Vegan

If you’re a new vegan, happily vegan, or vegan-curious, learn everything you need to be sure you’re healthy as well.

Farm-Based Education: Telling the Story of Food, Land & Farmers

Your whole farm is ripe with opportunities for experiential learning!

Tour: UMass Franklin Permaculture Garden Tour

Enjoy a tour of the Franklin Permaculture Garden.

Tour: Wild Medicinals Plant Walk

This walk will explore the wild edges of the UMass Amherst campus in search of medicinal herbs, trees, and shrubs commonly found in the northeast.

Honeybees & Beekeeping

Honeybees pollinate 1/3 of our food!

Labor Saving Practices in a High Tunnel

Irrigation controls, paperpot transplanters, greens harvesters, harvest carts and totes, fold up end walls, manure spreaders in the tunnel.

Sowing Food Sovereignty: Women Empowering & Feeding Venezuela

Venezuela has long been dependent on food imports, and with the plunge in global oil prices, comprising 95% of the nation's revenue, Venezuelan citizens are faced with a food crisis.

Biochar: A Miracle For People, Plants & the Planet

This workshop will begin with the ancient use of biochar in the Amazon, current efforts to restore degraded Amazonian soils in indigenous communities in Peru, and how biochar can help...
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Soil is Not Dirt: Agronomy for Gardeners

Gardeners can also understand the science behind various agricultural practices employed for soil health. Learn the hows and whys of creating healthy, dynamic soil. Alan Baker: Master Gardener, AAS Agronomy,...
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The Sun is Rising on Sunn Hemp in the Northeast

Have you been hearing about Sunn Hemp as a new, legume cover crop with forage and fiber potential? This workshop introduces the crop and what we’ve learned about growing it...
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Starting The Farm From Scratch

In order to launch your farm operation, there are decisions that need to be made and questions that need to be answered. This presentation explores some of those decisions and...
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Soapmaking 101 – Part 1

Explore soap ingredients, including carrier oils and essential oils, along with safety guidelines for working with lye. Discuss the value of using natural ingredients, in contrast to the chemical additives...
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Stand-Alone Solar-Powered Automated Drip Irrigation System

We’ll cover design considerations for a small-but-scalable, cost effective drip irrigation system: powered by the sun, fed by rain barrels, controlled by a micro-controller, programmed by you. If you are...
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Pigs on Pasture: A Look at Management & the Aftermath

Let’s talk and walk pigs! Come learn about the intricacies of raising pigs on pasture. We’ve been looking at rotational grazing, carcass quality, pasture disturbance, plant regrowth, and nutrient levels...
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Bees, Bees….Good For Your Art!

Geared towards the curious, we will explore the honeybee: the complex microbial culture of their guts, their genetics, and curiosities of how the honeybee intersects our human culture…and educates us...
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The High Cost of Cheap Food: Pesticide Residues

Industrial agriculture food is of poor quality and pesticide ridden. Today’s pesticides are not only on our food but in our food as well. They cannot be washed off and...
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Farm to School: Models For Bringing Farms & Food to Schools

There are many levels of engagement in Farm to School: teaching students where food comes from, growing food with students, and helping schools source locally. We will discuss the realities...
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Working With Wood Part 1: Grafting Fruit Trees

Learn the fundamentals and the reasons why we graft fruit trees they way we do. Participate in hands-on grafting. Alan Surprenant: Owner/grower, 100 biodynamic tree fruit orchard planted in 1990.

Regenerative Farming, Impact Investing, & Climate Change

Explore how an investment in regenerative farming and soil restoration will help mitigate climate change. Sally Dodge: Northeast Community Development Manager & Director of Farmer Relations, Iroquois Valley Farms. Dale...
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Indoor Mushroom Cultivation

Learn how to set up your very own grow room and start transforming local waste from your community into food, medicine, compost, and a means to cleaning up environmental pollution....
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Lessons From Working With Forests, Trees & Beautiful Wood

Trees and a small forest provide a wide range of benefits and products on our farms. Drawing on 45 years of experience, I will discuss forest succession, low-tech management, and...
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Pest & Disease Management for Urban Farms

We will identify the common pests and diseases we see in our work in the greater Boston area, and discuss standard and creative management strategies! We’ll focus on concerns specific...
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Tour of the Hampshire College Farm

As one of the oldest and largest farms at a liberal-arts college, the Hampshire College Farm is a leader in the campus farm movement. We’ll tour the fields and facilities...
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Who Gets to Eat? Co-ops Addressing Food Justice

How are food co-ops partnering with anti-hunger organizations to better meet the needs of all community members by increasing access to healthy, local food and member-ownership?  Learn about how food...
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The Commons in Food & Agriculture

Until a few centuries ago, we held and managed the vast majority of resources in common: defined groups of people formed evolving agreements about how to share and manage specific...
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Dumping the Bag – Garden Fertility Without Purchased Inputs

Fertility inputs need not be from a bag! We’ll reduce your reliance on purchased fertilizers by exploring other sources: cover crops – using and managing with or without machinery; natural...
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Keeping Sheep Organically

Participants will learn options for managing sheep organically including information on breeds and housing, practices for parasite control, handling, feeding and health care. The presentation provides an overview of the...
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The History of Earth Care Farm: The Story of Compost

This year we are celebrating 40 years of making compost at Earth Care Farm! My father began making compost with a pitchfork in 1977, and today we make mountains of...
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Soapmaking 101 – Part 2

Join in making a fresh batch of soap, using the traditional cold process method. We will build upon what we explored in Part 1, learning about blending, pouring, cutting and...
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Write an Amazing Grazing Plan!

Learn how to assess your forages and match them to your livestock needs, which tools to use, how to plan your paddocks, and sharpen your recordkeeping. This workshop will give...
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You Can Grown Rice in the Northeast!

Rice is a worldwide staple of our diet but very few of us in the Northeast understand the how it is grown or the beauty it can provide. We will...
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Handling Drought & Disease with Vegetative Grafting

Vegetative grafting as been used for centuries in Asia to overcome disease pressure and environmental stresses such as drought and cold soils. Learn the vegetative grafting technique and the tips...
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Third Annual Northeast Gathering on Domestic Fair Trade

At the summer’s Free Open Meeting, held in conjunction with the annual NOFA Summer Conference scheduled for that weekend, we invite activists from the Northeast Region who are engaged in...
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The Full Skinny on Healthy Orcharding

Fruit tree diseases, unchecked by holistic understanding, can wreak havoc in the orchard. We’ll take an in-depth look at how the organic grower can keep apple scab, rusts and rots from developing on the fruit to a reasonable minimum.
Michael Phillips

Profitable Agroforestry for Northeast Farms

Agroforestry, or the intentional integration of trees into agriculture, is a key carbon farming and climate adaptation strategy for farms worldwide.
Connor Stedman

The Impact of GMOs and Glyphosate on Soil, Crop, Animal and Human Health

The indiscriminate use of glyphosate and GMO crops are precipitating a major chronic health and environmental crisis. Rather than the way to feed the world, current genetic engineering is a disaster in the making and is not a sustainable strategy!
Dr. Don M. Huber

On-Farm Seed Production

A region’s ability to adapt genetically resilient crops to it’s environment is critical to food security. Across the 13,000 year history of agriculture, that has been the solemn vocation of...
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Knotweed? Not Here.

Presentation highlights courses of action open to landowners, farmers, and growers wishing to improve habitat, property values, soil conditions, and biodiversity. Non-toxic treatment methods allow land stewards to control Japanese...
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But I Don’t Have Time for Social Media…

Be social, build an audience and engage an existing one. We’ll discuss where to start, which platform to pick, what to say/share and how to use staff and volunteers to...
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The Art, Science, & Craft of Profitable Onion Production

Amazing alliums, unsung farm hero, nutrient rich onions are capable of grossing $40,000+ per acre. We’ll review production steps and techniques to ensure a successful harvest. From start to finish:...
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First Aid Homeopathy & Rescue Remedy

Homeopathic remedies are safe, low costing, non-toxic without side effects. They help relieve pain, strengthen the immune system and speed the healing of sunburns, garden strains, summer colds, bug bites,...
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Conversations Across Differences: Connecting Youth Through Food & Farming

How can food and farming serve as a platform for youth to respectfully bridge differences, find common ground, and move forward to productively working together? Presenters will start by introducing...
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Home Garden No-till & Cover Crops for Carbon Sequestration

Power point and discussion covering the interrelationship between soil health, carbon sequestration, cover cropping, and no-till growing of nutritions food in one’s garden. Easy to use cover crop and no-till...
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Singing for Freedom & a Livable Future

We’ll sing for climate and food justice, and we’ll generate inspiration for living out values of solidarity and ecology. I’ll teach aurally songs with rousing choruses or full stanzas in...
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New Static-Aerated Composting System Demonstration

Join Professor Hashemi outside for an introduction to a new static-aerated composting system. After a short introductory lecture he will show, step by step, how to assemble the two composting...
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Soils in the City: Urban Anthropedology & Citizen-Activist Bioremediation

City soils today are largely non-existent, degraded or contaminated, and many urban residents are disconnected from the role that soils play in ecosystem health and environmental justice. We’ll examine the...
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“In the Spirit of Co-operation”: Video & Discussion with Producer

Join Visionaries Producer Bill Mosher and Erbin Crowell of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association for a screening and discussion of the Visionaries PBS Documentary “In the Spirit of Co-operation,” celebrating...
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Work Horses 102

Beyond the basics. Understand what horses can do for your farm. Learn harness varieties, proper fit, other equipment, hitching and safety concerns. Participants will have an opportunity to harness and...
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Uncommon Fruits for the Backyard Garden & Small Farm

Juneberry and cornelian cherry are just two of a dozen or so uncommon fruits that have delectable flavors and are easy to grow. Some are borne on ornamental plants, perfect...
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Long-Term Sustainability of High Tunnel Soils

The Cornell Vegetable Program and NOFA NY have partnered to examine long-term sustainability of high tunnel soils by collecting data from over 20 farms across New York State. Learn about...
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Cover Crop 2.0: Beyond Basics

Ready to learn more about cover crops? This workshop will highlight innovative cover cropping techniques, including 1) up and coming cover crops, 2) multi-species selection, 3) using cover crops to...
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Climate Adaptation: Preparing Farms, Communities, & Bioregions for Climate Change

By observing and mimicking ecosystem processes, our farms and landscapes can be designed to be resilient to climatic changes. This interactive workshop will explore ecological design principles and solutions for...
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Connor Stedman

farmOS: Open Source Farm Management & Record Keeping

farmOS is a web-based software application for farm planning, management, and record keeping developed and maintained by a community of volunteers. This workshop will cover the basic features, using live...
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Preparing Your Fiber for Use

We will cover washing, picking, and carding fiber. Participants will get a chance to spin or felt fiber from our alpacas. Directions: Meet by the registration area. Keith Tetreault: Farmer...
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Grassroots Awakening! The Importance of Citizen Advocacy in 2017 4 – 5:30pm Location: FPH Faculty Lounge With the political world in turmoil, policy advocacy for an agriculture that is good...
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A Permaculture Approach to Mushroom Cultivation

We will explore ways to incorporate mushroom cultivation into our unique New England biome by thinking of ways to synergize mushroom growing with orcharding, vegetable gardening, and woodlot management. Hands-on...
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Practical Crop Storage for Winter Sales

Offering a range of produce all winter long has many advantages – retaining customers, consistent cash flow, and feeding the community year-round. This workshop will cover the environments required by...
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Intensive Silvopasture for New England

Intensive Silvopasture (ISP) – integrating livestock, trees, pasture, and woody browse in sustainable ecosystems – shows exciting success in Latin America, with 3-5 times higher meat and milk production, greater...
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No-Till Vegetables Using Chickens

Three seasons of experience using mobile chickens in rotation with vegetables have produced interesting results. Fall chicken applications control spring weeds, provide fertility and allow no-till methods for spring/summer crops....
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Principles of Biological Systems & Implications

This workshop will be an overview of what conditions plants need to flourish and how to create those conditions. We will look at practices and strategies to maintain air, water,...
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Garden Planning for Seed Saving

Growing a garden with the intention to save select seed crops involves planning for: isolation, space for flowering and seed set, as well as infrastructure for select crops. We will...
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Food Safety Rules for Small Producers & Co-ops

Compliance with FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) food safety regulations presents a new challenge for small-scale and exempt farmers, value added producers and farmer co-ops involved in aggregation and distribution....
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The Power of Story: Reclaiming My Roots in Agriculture

Hear the story of my journey from ambivalent consumer to grower of food, community and power, interwoven with an open conversation space about black people, food, and land. Liz O’Gilvie:...
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Starting Out with Organic Pastured Pigs

Just getting into pigs? Thinking about expanding from just a couple pigs to a couple dozen? This workshop will provide an overview of how to effectively and economically house, fence,...
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Increase Your Hive Numbers Without Buying Bees

Learn how to sustainably increase the size of your apiary using your own bees. Jorik Phillips: Beekeeper of 17 years, co-owns Hudson Valley Bee Supply. Megan Denver: Co-owns Hudson Valley...
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Changing the System: Food Policy Advocacy

To bring about long-term, systemic change to the food system, farmers, eaters, and advocates need to understand the laws and regulations that affect everything from farming to land use to...
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Herbs for Childbirth

This is an introduction to the bioregional herbs- native and naturalized plants of New England – used to manage the last month of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum. We will...
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Carbon Farming: Regenerative Agriculture for Climate Stabilization

We will discuss the current state of climate and carbon sequestration science, and explore the role agriculture can play in the climate change solution through a range of tree-based and...
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Connor Stedman

Herbal Approaches to Lyme Disease

I will explore the benefits of plant medicines in preventing and fighting Lyme Disease and building our bodies’ resistance. Great promise lies in these plants as antibiotics become less effective...
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Planting for the Bees’ Needs

Wild bees are powerful pollinators, and there are over 400 species of wild bees in New England. I will discuss the life cycles of wild bees and their needs for...
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Basic Gardening for Enhanced Productivity Part 1

What happens in gardens is both mystery and science, compelling gardeners to forever reexamine the basics. Topics include: the basics of: garden organization, seedling care, transplanting, fertility, season extension, crop...
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Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening

This workshop is a hands-on tutorial on how to grow ALL your salad greens with no light and no special equipment, all year-round. Everyone will plant a tray of greens...
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From the Ground Up: Abandoned Lots to Productive Gardens

What does it actually take to start an urban farm or community garden? What are the hurdles and considerations that need to be accounted for, from soil to water to...
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Mobile Markets: Driving Down Barriers to Food Justice

Mobile markets are a relatively new concept in the urban food sector. Find out the whats and hows of operating a mobile market and how the REC’s Mobile Market is...
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Tour: Growing Shiitakes on Logs & Indoors

This workshop will review the basics of log cultivation for shiitake and tour Fungi Ally mushroom farm to see how we grow shiitakes indoors. We will discuss the results of...
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Co-ops & Economic Democracy: Why Go Co-op?

Co-ops are an effective model of economic democracy, spreading ownership, retaining jobs, and rooting businesses in our communities. How do co-ops strengthen our regional food system and economy? Learn about...
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Season Extension Strategies

Row cover, low tunnels, high tunnels, caterpillar tunnels, and greenhouses have all been employed successfully for extending the harvest season. Learn about the costs, construction, advantages, and disadvantages of these...
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Ayurvedic Health Benefits of Ghee

Ghee (clarified butter) is a high heat, lactose-free cooking oil used for centuries in India to relieve digestive disorders, calm the nervous system, and promote overall vitality. After we transform...
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Traditional Japanese Foodways in the Age of Nuclear Disasters

You will learn the art of Japanese food preparation and preservation techniques, including some family recipes. A discussion will also ensue on the ongoing radiation contamination in Japan since the...
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Urban Ecosystem Justice: A Science of Cities for the People

What would it mean to merge urban ecology with social justice analysis? Can we construct an ethic of ‘urban bio-cultural diversity’, where mutually symbiotic relationships are created between human and...
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Soil Fertility & Management

Explore how the four Aristotelian Elements of Soil (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) work together to make a healthy soil. This workshop outlines the managing of the four elements in...
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Sequestering Carbon, Improving Soil, & Increasing Crop Yields with Microrhyzal Fungi

This workshop will focus on mycorrhizal fungi and their ability to dramatically improve carbon sequestration and soil fertility in all forms of agriculture. We will have a detailed explanation on...
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Work Horses 101

For those with limited experience and lots of interest! Get hands on time, up close and personal with these amazing animals. Learn handling, care, keeping and the basics of how...
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Keeping Soil Covered to Enhance Biodiversity, Fertility & Food Quality

At Many Hands Organic Farm (30 years certified) we are experimenting with growing mulches in place and using found/at hand natural resources when that system is more effective or practical....
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Fearless Pruning of Fruit Trees

Correct and timely pruning is the key to keeping apples, peaches, and other trees healthy, productive, and bearing the tastiest fruits. Learn the how and the why of pruning these...
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Cover Crop Basics

New to cover cropping? Want to know about other cover crops besides cereal rye? This workshop will discuss: 1) the suite of cover crops that are suitable for growing in...
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Planning a Compact Farm

This workshop lays out all of the components of a comprehensive plan for a compact, productive and successful farm. Based on Josh’s decades of personal experience and the farms he’s...
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Basic Gardening for Enhanced Productivity Part 2

What happens in gardens is both mystery and science, compelling gardeners to forever reexamine the basics. Topics include: the basics of: garden organization, seedling care, transplanting, fertility, season extension, crop...
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Protecting the Integrity of the USDA Organic Program

Learn about how the organic community structured the USDA National Organic Program at its inception to reflect the values of transparency and public participation. We’ll talk about some key issues...
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Tour: Weedwifery Plant Walk

Weeds are fierce, tenacious and resilient, defying the controls of humans at every turn. They are also powerfully medicinal! This plant walk will discuss plant ID and botany, harvesting guidelines,...
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Portable Fencing Hacks

Twenty years of grazing cattle, horses and poultry on the cheap has lead to a few techniques and tricks that can save the beginning grazer start up costs and keep...
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Cover Crop Mixtures for Soil Health

Cover cropping is a best practice for soil health. Does scientific research prove the benefits of multi-species cover crop mixtures? What kind of challenges do they present? How can we...
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Our Journey on the Homesteading Path

We’ll share our perspective on our 35-year homesteading journey: the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and the joys and sorrows. How we got started and where we are...
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Organizing for Racial Justice in Food & Farming

Discover how farmers all across the country are responding to the unique challenges and opportunities of their communities to dismantle racism in agriculture and the food system. From uncovering the...
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Food Beliefs & Sustainable Eating

Food beliefs are the hardest ones to change. We will look at some of these beliefs, including gluten issues, sugar toxicity, meat, and disease, in the light of both science...
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Gardens Of Thought: Food, Beauty and Fun!

On an old restored farm we create beautiful horticulture while fostering a deep relationship with this land, creating gardens that feed the soul and the palette. Learn how to use...
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No-Till Intensive Vegetable Production Part 2

In this two part series, learn methods for intensively growing vegetable crops without disturbing the soil through tillage or cultivation. Bryan will present the techniques he uses: multi-cropping, mowing, solarizing,...
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Community Discussion: What to Do With Surplus Crops?

Salvation Farms will present results from its two recent studies of on-farm food loss and fresh produce needs by charitable and institutional food sites in Vermont. Attendees will discuss benefits...
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Backyard Organic Farming

Learn to turn your backyard garden into a small-scale agri-business. Or just learn how to increase productivity and feed your family fresh organic foods all year long. Andy Tomolonis: Backyard...
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Lessons From the Vermont Fresh Network

This workshop is for farmers who wish to improve their sales to local restaurants, schools and institutions. As the Farm to Table movement has grown, the challenge for both producers...
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Transitioning To No-Till

Thinking about taking the leap? Lets discuss what its like to go from a tractor based operation to a permanent raised bed system. We will go over the trials and...
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How Can We Achieve Food Sovereignty If Small Farms Can’t Survive?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: why aren’t more small farms thriving without off-farm income? If US workers don’t want to work on farms and the flow from...
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Growing & Marketing Cut Flowers

Learn techniques of creating a successful cut-flower production within a diversified farm operation. Seed to harvest, variety selection, planting schedules, garden maintenance and winter storage practices and creative ways of...
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Urban Agriculture & Youth Engagement

Seedfolk City Farm believes that empowering young people to work directly in their local food system is one of the most effective ways to create change in our communities. Join...
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Caveat Comedentis: Eater Beware — New Engineered Foods

The food industry is engineering food to “improve every aspect of the food-value chain.” We will take an in-depth look at two techniques: nanofoods – altering the DNA of food...
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Urban Farming: Soil Fertility Going Beyond Compost

Urban farms on small in-ground plots and raised planters offer significant challenges for long-term soil fertility and plant health that can not be cured by compost alone. This panel discussion...
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Mycoremediation: Using Fungi to Remediate Toxic Waste

Filter bacteria, degrade chemicals and hyper accumulate heavy metals: learn how to use fungi to remediate anthropogenic xeno-toxins in our environment. Whether it’s remediating soil and water for your farm...
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Bioregional Economies

The solutions to our economic and environmental problems aren’t complex or out of reach. Our food, fuel and material needs can be met in ways that strengthen communities while reconnecting...
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Garden of Wonder: Using the Garden to Nurture Spiritual Growth

Gardens and farms are places where we can nurture and grow our spiritual lives, along with our crops. We will explore different ways that we as educators can use the...
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Faba Bean: a New Multi-Purpose Crop for New England

Faba bean, or fava bean, can be grown as a cool season cash crop, cover crop, or medicinal crop. This workshop will present findings on growing faba beans, using actual...
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Why Pastured Animal Foods are Essential to Health

Learn about the importance of fat-soluble vitamins for health and preventing chronic disease- like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. We’ll discuss why fat-soluble vitamins can only be obtained in sufficient...
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Grow, Harvest, & ENJOY Culinary Herbs Creatively!

Learn to grow and harvest culinary herbs for maximum production. Hands on pruning/harvesting will help you take these skills home to your own kitchen garden. Learn how to handle both...
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Food Soverignty 101

Food Sovereignty 101 provides a background to the concept of Food Sovereignty – how it evolved and where it is today. The primary principles will be presented, then framed against...
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Supporting Indigenous Micro-Organisms on Your Farm

Discover the techniques utilized in the production and use of indigenous microorganisms (IMO). An IMO is a microbe culture, taken from local forest soils, and then multiplied through various culture...
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Managing Weeds, Pest & Disease Starts With the Soil

The culture you build in the soil can affect the health of your plants as well as pest and weed pressure. This program will look at practices that can minimize...
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Fixing the Carbon & Water Cycle with Cattle

Proper grazing practices rapidly store carbon below the soil surface. Intensive rotational grazing creates soil permeability, allowing water to then be captured by said carbon. Cattle, when managed correctly, are...
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How to Raise Broiler Chickens On Pasture

Walk through step-by-step what it will take start raising your own chickens for meat on grass. John Suscovich: Farm manager of 52 acre diversified farm in western CT.

Global Knowledge/Local Production – Innovating Open Source Technology for Improved Soil Health!

Session 1: Overview of soil health principles, followed by an introduction to local, regional, and global tools for use on your farm. In a world where collaboration is increasingly accessible,...
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Dorn Cox

Pastured Rabbit for Profit

Our livestock manager will tell you what we discovered with a “glass walls” look into our entire pastured rabbit operation. We’ll start with the basics of our system, with an...
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The Importance of Gut Health For Immunity

This workshop will detail how detoxification, proper nutrition, less refined sugar, and more plant-based, organic foods can help to heal the gut, and consequently the immune system, as well as...
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Tour: Small Scale Medicinal & Herb Production

Full Kettle Farm is an one-acre operation focusing primarily on growing herbs for tea blends and value-added products. Participants will learn the theory of field planning for growing herbs on...
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Beekeeping Programs at Small Farms: Drumlin Farm Case Study

This workshop presents a case study on starting a Beekeeping Program at Drumlin Farm and impact it has had on farm productivity. Mel Gadd: Beekeeper, runs Beekeeping program at Mass...
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Ecosystem Services of Integrating Biomass Crops in Whole Farm Planning

A discussion of the valuable ecosystem services biomass energy crops provide both above and below ground. We will also look at how these can be incorporated into most farm operations...
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The World of Compost

Learn all about compost! This workshop will cover what goes into making compost, the various types of compost available, and other aspects of compost and the compost process. Adam Jankauskas:...
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What is the True Cost of Food?

The apparent cost (also known as market price) of food does not often reflect all of the social and ecological costs associated with production. We will examine and compare apparent...
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Farmer In The Classroom

Learn how to bring the Farmer in the Classroom program to your school! Farmer in the Classroom is a 30-60 minute lesson about a single vegetable. Students learn history, geography,...
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Going Solar: What You Need to Know

Based on my 20 years’ experience in renewable energy, this workshop will help folks navigate the current solar market. I will share insider insights on effectively going solar and how...
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Starting an Organic, Low Maintenance Apple Orchard

Every one of you needs to have at least a few apple trees, but you don’t need to spend all day in the orchard. This workshop details starting and nurturing...
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Winter Greens & Season Extension

Using greenhouses and high tunnels for season extension. What, when, and how we plant will be discussed in the first part. The discussion will then move toward harvesting, marketing, and...
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Soil & Trees: Nature’s Magicians

We will have an in-depth discussion about the fact that trees (and other plants) communicate directly with soil organisms, and vice-versa. How do they do it? Why do they do...
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Food Soverignty In Action!

Representatives from La Via Campesina and WhyHunger will lead a dialogue on food sovereignty, agro-ecology and the global peasants movement. La Via Campesina is the international movement of peasants, farmers,...
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No-Till Intensive Vegetable Production Part 1

In this two part series, learn methods for intensively growing vegetable crops without disturbing the soil through tillage or cultivation. Bryan will present the techniques he uses: multi-cropping, mowing, solarizing,...
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Starting an Urban Community Garden: Access, Soil & Growing

As a community affected by Food Injustice by way of Structural Racism, we desired to holistically heal our community both internally and externally, leading us to establish Springfield First Herbal...
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Tour: No-Till Crop Production Using Compost/Biochar Blends

Visit for a farm tour of a certified organic, mixed vegetable operation. See the results of three seasons using compost/biochar blends and witness efforts to build long-term fertility and a...
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Hunting Wild Mushrooms

Join Ari Rockland-Miller and Jenna Antonino DiMare, co-founders of The Mushroom Forager and authors of a forthcoming book on hunting gourmet wild mushrooms, for a colorful presentation introducing foraging safety,...
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Promoting the Production of Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk

The Farm to Consumer Foundation brought together subject-matter experts from across the US and Europe to prepare two comprehensive step-by-step books on producing fresh milk for dairy cattle and goats....
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We Are Powerful: Food Justice & The Prison Industrial Complex

Ending racism in the food system is linked to ending racism in the prison system. We will uncover the links between food & prisons. We will highlight food justice organizations...
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Vegan 101 – Transitioning to a Whole Foods Pant Based Diet

Learn the basics of a whole foods, plant-based diet and how to make quick and easy recipes everyone will enjoy. Questions such as where to get protein, calcium and iron,...
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Biodynamic Principles & Practices

The deep principles and innovative practices of biodynamic agriculture can be used by anyone wanting to enhance the health and vitality of their soil, seeds and food. We will explore...
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Sales Strategy for Dried Fruit & Vegetables in Kenya

A description of my recent Farmer 2 Farmer work in Kenya as a project consultant. Sweet N Dried is a brand developed in Chuka Kenya featuring 100% dried fruit, dried...
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Soapmaking 101 – Part 1

Learn about how soap is made. Explore different carrier oils, essential oils, and other soap ingredients, along with safety guidelines for working with lye and the value of using natural...
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Community Food Systems Metrics: Telling the Story of Impact

Join for a discussion on the research of community food system impact metrics and a platform for sharing stories, making capturing and sharing impact easier. Daniel Ross: Community food systems...
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Changing the Climate: The Role of the U.S. Industrial Food System

As major contributors of greenhouse gases, industrial food production and distribution play significant roles in climate change. This multimedia workshop will discuss those roles and how organic regenerative practices can...
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Solar Energy for Your Farm: Navigating the MA SMART Program

This workshop provides an overview of solar energy options for Massachusetts farms. We will focus on the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program, which regulates incentives associated with new solar...
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Community Kitchen Freezing & Vacuum Packing to Increase Farm Profits

See and taste the product possibilities of using frozen and vacuum packed local foods to create Freezer Meal Kits and HEAT&EAT products that address the farm challenges and health needs...
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Making Wild Sodas

Learn how to make your own fermented sodas using only raw honey, water, and herbs and fruit! This method is an easy and effective way to preserve summer bounty using...
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On-Farm Plant Breeding

There is a great need to adapt and create plant varieties for organic agriculture in the Northeast. A movement is growing for farmers to reclaim their roles as participants in...
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Farming on Indian Land

The transition from garden to farm was a major shift in land use for the people of the Americas. Widely considered the first environmentalists, how does today’s organic farming movement...
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Tour of the Hampshire College Farm

As one of the oldest and largest farms at a liberal-arts college, the Hampshire College Farm is a leader in the campus farm movement. We’ll tour the fields and facilities...
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Types of Compost: Quality, Testing & Organics

From material that is questionably labeled as compost to the high standards required to be met for the National Organics Program, come learn about the different types of compost, the...
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Planting a Chef’s Kitchen Garden

Learn the secrets of a chef’s garden, what to plant, how to make the most of limited space, and how to prepare your soil for maximum production. This class will...
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Field to Table: Cooking with Ancient and Heirloom Grains

Ancient and heirloom grains varieties are making a welcome comeback, but how do we incorporate them gracefully into our daily breakfast lunch and dinner? Learn about the history of these...
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Keeping Sheep Organically

Basics of keeping sheep organically in the northeast. We will cover the fundamentals of caring, feeding, housing, parasite and predator control using organic methods. Kim Mastrianni: Raising sheep organically in...
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Starting A Goat Dairy

A framework of considerations necessary to address when planning on starting a goat dairy. Some pros and cons and how to apply decision trees to gain success at goat dairying....
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Soapmaking 101 – Part 2

Join in making a batch of soap, using the traditional cold process method. Continue working with carrier oils, lye and other ingredients prepared during Part 1. Learn about blending, pouring,...
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Regenerative Art: Design Inspired by Regenerative Agriculture

This workshop will explore how the principles of regenerative agriculture can be applied to artistic design in farm settings. The group will have an opportunity to discuss the cultural and...
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Teaching About Food & Gardening In Corrections

In this workshop participants will develop a basic understanding of the incarceration system in the United States, the logistics of running a food production program in a jail, the structures...
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Fourth Annual Northeast Gathering on Domestic Fair Trade

At this summer’s Free Open Meeting,  NOFA’s Domestic Fair Trade Committee, invites activists from the Northeast Region who are engaged in projects and organizing efforts that come under the broad heading of Domestic Fair Trade to come together to share our work and ideas and to discuss possible collaboration for the immediate future.

Working Two Jobs: Cover Crops For Animal Feed

Many backyard gardeners and large-scale farmers alike manage soil, crops, and animals. This workshop will show you how to manage your cover crop for use as feed for chickens to...
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Feeding People Year-Round: Season Extension at Freedom Food Farm

This workshop will cover the different strategies we employ at Freedom Food Farm to keep feeding people all year round. We will discuss the equipment, infrastructure, and regulations involved in...
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A Legacy of Food Security: History of Food Co-ops in the Northeast

Join us for a conversation of how food co-ops foster and support farmers and food security. Hear stories of how food co-ops in the Northeast have used economic organizing for...
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Kaitiakitanga: The Maori Concept of ‘Guardianship’ in Regenerative Agriculture

Kaitiaki Farm is an exemplar permaculture farm outside Whanganui, New Zealand. The worn out former horse property prone to erosion and slips is being transformed into a resilient, productive organic...
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The 4th Phase of Water

Come get the low down on the most important scientific breakthrough of the last 200 years. I will discuss how the fourth phase of water was discovered and show how...
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Reparations Toward Collective Liberation

Reparations are a practice of healing; a movement in solidarity to build a more just and beautiful world. Using the “Reparations Map for Black-Indigenous Farmers” (Soul Fire Farm), participants will...
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The Heritage Pig Breeding Program at the Hampshire College Farm

We will go out to the Hampshire Farm to view our breeding herd of Gloucestershire Old Spots. We’ll talk about my student project to develop this program, my nutritional research...
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Work Horses 102

Beyond the basics. Understand what horses can do for your farm. Learn harness varieties, proper fit, other equipment, hitching and safety concerns. Participants will have an opportunity to harness and...
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No-Till Vegetable Soil Prep & In Season/Post Season Management

With the goal of keeping soil covered as much as possible while raising the highest quality produce, we will look at vegetable families and discuss what we do at MHOF...
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The Science, Art, Fun and Tasty Fruit of Espalier

Espaliers provide high yields of high quality fruit while making a decorative and edible covering for a fence or a wall — even creating the fence itself! Learn which fruit plants...
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Designing Whole Systems Farm & Food Programs at Jails

Explore the design of an integrative program—Jail-to-Farm-to-College and Employment at the Franklin County Jail—as a food justice/prison justice case study. Learn about leveraging institutional partnerships and building community support for...
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Analyzing Your Farming Operation – Introduction to SWOT Analysis

Attendees will learn how to conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis on their existing or a potentially new farming operation. Attendees will also see what types of governmental...
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Design for Disruption: On-Farm Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

By regenerating ecosystem processes, farms and landscapes can be designed for resilience in the face of climate change. We will explore ecological design principles and solutions for climate adaptation on...
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So You Think You Want to Become a Beekeeper

Everything the prospective beekeeper needs to know about the process of becoming a beekeeper through an honest discussion of the state of beekeeping today. In the face of perils such...
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Soil Fungi in Regenerative Agriculture: Crop Yield & Basil Downy Mildew

This workshop focuses on the role of fungi in soil health and will share: the results of a SARE research grant comparing different soil fungal inoculants on the yield of...
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An Ancient Diet for Modern Times

Food is our most powerful medicine. The Tetzkatlipoka Tradition in Mexico has analyzed the effects of nutrition on individuals and communities for the past 9,000 years. They developed a practical...
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A New Label For the Organic Movement

As the National Organic Program sinks into a mire of weak enforcement and standards, organic farmers have begun an effort to create a new organic label. We will look into...
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Seed Stories

Behind every seed there lies a story. Some stories lie buried like the seed in the earth. Others come to light like the plant that emerges from the germinated seed....
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Seed & Grow NOFA’s Social Justice Committee

Help build the shared society we design based on agroecological principles. Bring your vital voice to form a food justice presence in our state chapters & locally, aligning our social...
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Soil Health Through Biology

Come learn about managing healthy soils using the latest scientific research. In the last decade, scientists have been delving deep into our understanding of soil as a living substance. We’ll...
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Organic Under Attack: Where Do We Go From Here?

Major issues impacting organic integrity include inadequate standards enforcement; hydroponics promotion; Standards Board takeover threats and withdrawing the animal welfare rule — along with major rollbacks of our social justice,...
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Complete Sheep Butchering

Learn how to dress and butcher hoofed animals! We’ll take apart a local (pre-slaughtered) sheep, covering butchering, charcuterie and anatomy. All parts will be used, including organ meats, bones and...
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Get Connected: Learn to Graft Melons & Tomatoes

Warm season crops such as melons and tomatoes are prone to many soil-borne diseases and environmental stress that reduces yields. Vegetative grafting can increase plant vigor and reduce problems with...
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Getting Started on a Homestead Apple Orchard

Learn how to site, prep, plant and nourish apple trees using holistic organic methods. My bias is on low maintenance techniques and heirloom varieties. Also, will cover how to convert...
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Update on Food Safety Rules for Small Producers & Co-ops

Compliance with FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) food safety regulations presents a new challenge for small-scale and exempt farmers, value added producers, and farmer co-ops involved in aggregation and distribution....
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Pathways to Carbon Farming: Taking Action on Climate Through Agriculture

Carbon farming systems can store significant atmospheric carbon in soil and perennial plants and help to mitigate climate change. We will overview current climate change and carbon farming science, explore...
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Set Your Records Straight: Online Record Keeping with farmOS

farmOS is a web-based software application for farm planning, management, and recordkeeping. It is developed by a community of volunteers and the code is available for free. This workshop will...
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Gardening Basics for Optimal Productivity Part 1

Optimal productivity requires a solid understanding of the basics. Topics covered include: garden organization, seedling care, transplanting, fertility, season extension, crop selection and crop sequencing. In 2016 thru 2017 our...
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Grain Production on a Diversified Vegetable Farm

Learn how small scale grain production at Alprilla Farm contributes to our crop rotation, soil health, annual work-flow, cash-flow and marketing. We will discuss the agronomy of small grains, corn...
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Testimonios: Stories from Farmworkers & Food Sovereignty

Members of the Food Justice Committee of CATA will talk about their experiences as workers and why they decided to grow their own food at a local community garden. They...
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Chasing Seeds: Rediscovering the Indigenous crops of the Far Northeast

The Seeds of Renewal Project has recovered, propagated and repatriated over fifty ancestral Wabanaki-area Native American corn, beans, squash, sunflowers, Jerusalem artichokes and ground cherry cultivars to Indigenous communities of...
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Food Autonomy in the Carceral Setting

Through the Hort’s GreenHouse Program on Rikers Island, participants select and grow culturally significant crops in collaboration with horticultural therapists and instructors. Participants can exercise a level of food autonomy...
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Intro to Saving Seed from Biennials

We’ll look at selection criteria for several biennials, including hands-on practice, and discuss practical challenges and possible solutions in growing biennials for seed such as winter storage and vernalization. This...
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Fruits for Small Spaces

Gardens are smaller these days, but a small garden is no impediment to fruit growing. Lowbush blueberries, currants, gooseberries, and super dwarf apples are among the fruits that visually and proportionally fit...
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Motherless Meat: From Petri Dish to Plate

Would you eat meat cultured in a lab if it was guaranteed safe? Lab-grown meat is the new kid on the block when it comes to engineered food. We’ll consider...
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Adding Livestock to your Vegetable Operation

This workshop will cover livestock options for integrating into your vegetable operation, and the pros and cons of each type. We will also discuss the strategies we use at Freedom...
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Creating Permaculture Farms and Communities

Learn how to design your land with the insights and techniques of permaculture. Integrating fruits, nuts, fuel wood, medicinal crops and berries into wildlife corridors. Gravity fed rain water; silvopasture;...
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A Brief History of Organic

With the rise in visibility, some argue that organic has “lost its soul”. We’ll discuss the evolution of organic farming as an alternative to the agri-industrial model, focusing on NOFA’s...
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Work Horses 101

For those with limited experience and lots of interest! Get hands on time, up close and personal with these amazing animals. Learn handling, care, keeping and the basics of how...
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40 Years of Composting and Farming at Earth Care Farm

Since 1977, Michael Merner has been perfecting his compost production methods at Earth Care Farm. Mike’s daughter Jayne will talk about the production methods as well as transitioning a family...
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Transformative Food Justice

To build awareness AND a movement to end mass incarceration. By analyzing general principles and specific projects at the intersection of transformative justice and food justice, we’ll discuss ways of...
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Lyme Prevention Unpacked: Best Practices & Buhner’s “Healing Lyme” Protocol

Everyone wants to avoid Lyme while living life outdoors! Learn best practices that really work. We’ll demo how to make an immune-supportive Astragalus tincture at home and discuss Buhner-researched tick...
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Gardening Basics for Optimal Productivity Part 2

Optimal productivity requires a solid understanding of the basics. Topics covered include: garden organization, seedling care, transplanting, fertility, season extension, crop selection and crop sequencing. In 2016 thru 2017 our...
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Urban Farm Design & Permitting

Farming in the city takes more than good growing conditions and techniques. Urban farms are subject to regulatory and community pressures that require a higher level of design and planning...
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Ancestral Food Systems of the Far Northeast

This workshop details the Seeds of Renewal Project’s research concerning ancestral Wabanaki geo-intensive agricultural engineering and bio-intensive permaculture systems and crop nurture through sophisticated fertilizing and ritual systems. We also...
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Feud on the Farm: Tools for Addressing Disagreements

Disagreements are bound to arise on the farm. Resolving conflicts is essential to maintaining a balanced workplace so you can get back farm responsibilities. In this workshop we will explore...
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Making Fruit Kvass, Beet Kvass, Fermented Mayonnaise & Ketchup

Our ancestors ate fermented foods every day so our gut biome is used to these foods. Come and learn how to make some simple and quick ferments that provide us...
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Economic Democracy: Building Co-operative Power

Hear stories from Building Co-operative Power of the history and concept of worker co-operation. Past and present stories of worker co-operatives, co-op collaboration in and across sectors, conversions, education and...
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Make Your Town More Pollinator Safe through Town Resolutions

Why choose a town resolution approach as a tool for supporting pollinator populations? Come learn about how everyday folks can work with their neighbors and town officials to limit the...
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The Vital Roles of Plant & Animal Foods for Disease Prevention

There are vital roles that both plant and animal foods play in creating balance, preventing disease and maintaining good health and energy. Learn how to utilize food and supplements according...
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Mastering Biodiversity: Learning from Nature & Indigenous Cultures

Symbiosis in nature created healthy landscapes providing fresh water and rich soils for human communities. Indigenous peoples have protected many of these biodiverse lands and are working to restore others....
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Crop Health Improvement Through Foliar Spray Application: Materials & Practices

Foliar application can be very beneficial to the overall health of crops, and therefore yields and profit. We will cover the basics of various materials, their preparation, identifying which materials...
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New Approaches for Lyme Disease & Chronic Illness

Healing from Lyme requires more than killing pathogens. Learn tools to help modulate your immune system, balance your nervous system, and chelate glyphosate. We’ll discuss herbs for Lyme and co-infections,...
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Prison Gardens: Strategies for Therapy and Job Training

We will introduce participants to the work of The New Garden Society and present the context of why horticultural vocational education and horticultural therapy in correctional facilities is important and...
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Understanding Farm Animal Welfare Certification

This session provides an overview of three farm animal welfare certification programs–Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane and Global Animal Partnership. The ASPCA and local welfare-certified farmers will discuss the benefits...
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Planting For Honeybees & Other Pollinators in New England

Presentation about plants that provide nectar and pollen to honeybees and pollinators. Emphasis is on plants that provide quality food for bees and honey production, and on providing a diverse...
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Transition to No-Till

Thinking about taking the leap into no-till farming? In this class we will cover the tools, management strategies and systems we have put in place during our transition into no-till....
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Exploring Medicinal Mushrooms: Common Types & Uses

Introduce several of the common medicinal mushrooms used in supplements and health products now, including their history, active compounds, and potential effects. Explore the different kinds of medicinal products offered...
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Learning As You Go As An Ag Entrepreneur

Starting a business can be overwhelming! Entrepreneur Jessie Banhazl of Green City Growers will discuss the steps she took to grow GCG from infancy to a fully grown company with...
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New Static-Aerated Composting System Demonstration

Join Professor Hashemi outside for an introduction to a new static-aerated composting system. After a short introductory lecture he will show, step by step, how to assemble the two composting...
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Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening

The workshop will demonstrate how to grow ALL you salad greens indoors with NO lights, no special equipment. The freshest salads ever. Peter Burke: Avid gardener, author of Year-Round Indoor...
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The History of Mushrooms & People: Folklore, Evolution, & Cultivation

Mushroom and humans have been interacting with each other for millions of years. This workshop will explore how mushrooms may have shaped human evolution, the stories we tell and cultures...
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Farm Models for Engaging Food Insecure People

How do farms create models for food assistance that support the dignity of people in need? What does it mean to be guided by the principle of justice rather than...
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Cover Crop Mixtures for Soil Health

Cover cropping is a best practice for soil health. Does scientific research prove the benefits of multi-species cover crop mixtures? What kind of challenges do they present? How can we...
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Silvopasture in Practice

Silvopasture is a system that combines trees and forage design with livestock management. Such a system not only offers the promise of ecological regeneration of the land, but also an...
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Jail to Farm: Cultivating Relationships for Lasting Change

For several years Just Roots has worked with the Franklin County Jail and Greenfield Community College to provide internship opportunities to incarcerated men at our production farm. Join Andy Grant...
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Four Dimensional Design Thinking on the Farm

Time is the fourth dimension, and we use it to our advantage on our 13 acre mixed-use farm in New Zealand. This workshop covers the concept of 4-dimensional design and...
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Farmer in the Classroom

Participants will learn about the farmer in the classroom program that has evolved over 5 years. This program uses stories, taste testing, trivia, cultural information and more to engage students...
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Preparing the Harvest

Come and join author, Celeste Longacre, for a Power Point presentation on preserving the harvest. She will show you with over 100 slides how to can, freeze, dry, ferment and...
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Lean Farming 101

Lean is a systematic approach that seeks to minimize waste on your farm. Applying lean principles to your farm systems will increase the efficiency of your operations and grow your...
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Systems & Methods of Regenerative Farming for Carrots & Lettuce

Learn the essentials of bed prep in a no-till, permanent bed system for both direct seeded crops and transplants. Dive deeper into our comprehensive system for successive crop production of...
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Designing Your Permaculture Homestead

Homesteaders live in direct relationship with the natural systems that support our lives. In this case study, learn how we’ve used the permaculture design process to establish a vibrant homestead...
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Cow/Calf Profits with a Grass-Only Diet

How do you plan a profitable cow/calf business using a 100% grass diet? We will discuss how genetic choices, breeding, management techniques to optimize calf growth and extending the grazing...
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Make Farmland Leasing Work For You & Your Farm

We will discuss the basics of leasing farmland, including what is possible in a lease, negotiating a good lease agreement, how to protect your interests under a lease, and what...
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Intensive Grazing Management for Organic Dairy Farms

This session will cover all aspects of grazing, including paddock design, a solar-powered water system, lane design, forage species, season extension, grazing cover crops, fly control, outwintering, etc. Francis Thicke,...
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The Commons in Food & Agriculture

Until a few centuries ago, we held and managed the vast majority of resources in common: defined groups of people formed evolving agreements about how to share and manage specific...
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Summer Mushroom Season in Massachusetts

Using all-local photography, this slideshow class presents the amazing world of mushroom hunting and the rules for how to do it safely; then it gives the audience a tour of...
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Sustainable Production & Marketing of Ethnic Crops for Ethnic Markets

For 300 years, immigration to the United States was dominated by European ethnicities. Over the past 40 years, the majority of immigrants are now from tropical and sub-tropical regions. This...
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Home Garden Field Crops: Wheat, Flax, Corn, Beans & Rice

This workshop presents experience with garden scale production of food and fiber crops wheat, flax (linen), field corn, dry beans and rice. The challenges include not only growing but also...
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First Aid Homeopathy & Rescue Remedy

Learn how to use homeopathic remedies to help relieve pain, strengthen the immune system and speed the healing of sunburns, garden strains, diaper rashes, summer colds and coughs, bug bites,...
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Singing For Freedom & A Livable Future

We’ll sing for climate and food justice, and we’ll generate inspiration for living out values of solidarity and ecology. I’ll aurally teach songs with rousing choruses or full stanzas in...
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Double Cropping Kohlrabi & Garlic with Faba Bean

This workshop promotes faba bean as a new multi-purpose vegetable crop for the Northeast and how it can be used to extend growing season when it is double cropped with...
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Getting Started with Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic sheep are an important breed for small and sustainable farms. This workshop provides an overview of the breed and shares stories from 13 years of working with Icelandics. Topics...
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Garden Time-To-Work at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institutions

“Garden Time-To-Work” is a new garden-based vocational training program piloted at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institutions. While acquiring expertise in horticulture, agriculture, and landscaping, students in the program will...
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Urban Soils & Raised Planters Over The Long Haul

Soils in urban spaces can benefit from the same practice used on larger farms such as cover cropping, micro-nutrients, soil amendments and maintenance of healthy soil biology. Come hear about...
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Digging Deeper: Nutrient Balancing of the Soil Food Web

This presentation will discuss basic processes that effect nutrient availability, such as nitrogen and phosphorus cycling. Learn about ideal nutrient ratios to improve plant uptake, the concept of the most...
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Applying Lean to YOUR Farm

You’ve learned about lean principles, now how can you apply them on your own farm? Topics include: product flow, employee management, record keeping, and identifying waste in your systems. Come...
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Lawn Alternatives, Radical Rethinking of Landscape Linoleum

What to do when there’s too much lawn. Low-maintenance grass and grass-like lawn alternatives, imaginative uses of native plants that create or enhance quality habitat, sequester more carbon, and add...
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Fertility & Nutrient Balance

This talk seeks to help growers make beneficial fertilization decisions and thus raise abundant, healthful crops. It will present concepts on how to select appropriate fertilization methods and when to...
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Carbon Sequestration Agroforestry in Temperate New England

Using a current and ongoing Agroforestry/Permaculture project, we will walk through considerations in the design process and finish with NRCS CPS practices that are both relevant to Agroforestry and take...
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Productive Conservation for Flood-Prone Fields

How can we improve the resiliency of riparian areas in the face of climate change while also producing food and salable crops for communities? This workshop outlines the concept of...
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Soil Management Strategies For The Market Gardener

In this course we will go over soil management strategies for a no-till permanent raised bed system. Topic covered will included cover cropping, mulches, tarps, fertility, intensive cropping, weed management...
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Advancing the Rights of Farmworkers Within a Sustainable Dairy Industry

The Milk with Dignity Program ensures the rights of dairy farmworkers through worker-driven social responsibility model. Last fall, community-based organization Migrant Justice signed an historic agreement with Ben & Jerry’s...
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Growing & Marketing Cut Flowers in a Diversified Farm Operation

If you’d like to generate a more robust cut flower operation within your diversified farm operation, join in this workshop to discuss effective management for such. We’ll cover suggested planting...
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Growing Perennial Small Fruits in a Diverse Edible Forest Setting

This workshop will characterize a variety of common and uncommon small fruits grown in a diverse permaculture-based edible forest setting. We will discuss the preferred habitat, growth habit, fruit quality,...
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Summer Mushrooms of Massachusetts Guided Walk

Join the creators of The Mushroom Hunting Foundation for a first-hand mushroom hunting experience, seeking local spring mushrooms in their natural habitats. Learn about the equipment and techniques for identifying,...
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