2017 In the News

Excitement, momentum build for 2017’s NOFA Summer Conference

By Jason Valcourt and Hannah Blackmer

On August 11-13, 2017 we celebrate the 43rd Annual NOFA Summer Conference as it heads back to Hampshire College, where it had many years of success from the mid 1980s to 2007.  The rural campus may be familiar to some, and may be entirely new to others, but we are confident that the Hampshire will provide an all-inclusive environment, once again, for our NOFA community to gather together.

Innovation and Inspiration at the 2017 NOFA Summer Conference

By Marty Dagoberto, Jason Valcourt and Nicole Belanger

The organic movement has been a constant force for innovation and progress in food production models that are environmentally and biologically friendly. Advances in methods of cover-cropping, composting, crop rotation, reduced tillage, biodiversity and soil carbon restoration are just a few examples of the techniques preserved and refined by the organic movement and disseminated at gatherings like the annual NOFA conferences. While many of these techniques continue to be “adopted” by mega-scale commercial agriculture, the grassroots organic movement maintains the true essence of conscientious food production and land care. It is within this innovative spirit and in celebration of the web of life that this year’s NOFA Summer Conference calls together allies across the region.
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